How to determine the name of a font

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Have you ever seen some text on a website and thought, “Hey, that’s a great font – I would like to use that myself.” The problem is – you don’t know the name of the font. You could go digging through the source code of the web page, if you know what to look for…but that doesn’t always reveal the answer either. I’ll tell you how to figure it out.

There is a website that will assist you with identifying your mystery font.  It is called “What The Font” – check it out at

The website has a huge database of fonts.  All you do is follow the instructions found right on the site – upload an image of some words (you can use Gadwin’s Screenshot for this – it’s one of the programs I recommend).  Or, you can enter the URL of where the font can be found.

On the next screen, you verify that the database is identifying the actual letters correctly.  The final screen will either identify the name of the font, or give you some close matches.

It’s a handy tool for anyone who works with a variety of fonts.  And like most great tools, it’s free.

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