Skype and Facebook – combined!

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Facebook now has over 750 million users – it’s growing at an incredible rate.  You probably already have an account there.

Skype, the internet video/phone/chat service, has an estimated user base of over 500 million people (though that number is not as easy to calculate).  In May, Skype was purchased by Microsoft for $8.5 billion.

Facebook and Skype

Now these two huge services have teamed up to combine their services to their huge user base.  You may already have this service enabled – Facebook is rolling out the Skype services gradually.

To check, go to Facebook and look at one of your friend’s pages.  In the top right, you used to see this:

Facebook and Skype

When the feature is enabled on your account, you will see this:

Facebook and SkypeBy clicking the “Call” button, you will be able to use your Skype account to call your friend.

Incidentally, if you don’t have a Skype account, I encourage you to get one and try it out.  It is a fantastic service, and in many situations completely free.  For instance, if you have a friend that has Skype installed, and you call your friend using your Skype account, the call is 100% free.  It doesn’t matter if you are in the US and your friend is in India or anywhere else – all you need is a high speed internet connection (which most people have now anyway).  You can even use a web cam so you can see each other while talking – and it’s all free!  If you want to use your Skype account to call a regular landline or cell number, you have to pay for that – but it is very cheap.  I pay $2.95 per month for unlimited outgoing calls to any regular phone number in the US or Canada.

Facebook will also be integrating video calling into their service.  You can check to see if you have this enabled yet, by going to this URL:  Right now, you might just see this:

Facebook and Skype


Just keep checking back and try it out when it’s available in your account – which will be soon.

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Ken Leathermann
July 25th, 2011


Your tips are always valuable and can be put to use with out a lot of problem.

I have been an avid user of Skype now for more that 4 years if I remember correctly.
Except for an occasional problem with their servers they have an excellent service.

My clients are spread around the world and Skype gives me the opportunity to address their concerns and close deals. In addition the video face to face enables us make our selves clearer, than the cold black and white of an e-Mail.

There is no doubt in my mind that without Skype I would have been paying out the nose for international and national land line phone calls. Instead of paying the phone company, I redirect that money to the continued success of my business.

Please keep up with the good tips and your informative blog.

Ken Leatherman

P.S. If anyone else is reading this, I highly recommend Scott for his computer repairs. He recently completed a fix for me that could have ended up causing me major problems and a lot more money.

Scott Johnson
July 25th, 2011

Thanks Ken!