The Stuxnet Virus

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Happy 4th of July!  Today is a pretty big holiday here in the US so I am taking a break from the regular “computer tip” blog post. Hey, even we computer guys have to get away from the computer every once in a while!

This is just something that I find interesting and a bit scary.  We should all at least be aware of it, even if there’s not really much we can do about it.  Details in the video:

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Ken Leathermann
July 5th, 2011

Your right this is downright scary and the first I had heard of it.

But I think more scary is that anyone (regardless of who they are) can watch on YouTube and learn how to manipulate the virus for their own use.

I would have been very glad to see Iran’s nuclear capability shut down for the whole worlds safety, but to make this virus available to any one was a serious mistake and perhaps show that the creator/creator’s did not think through what they have started.