Speed up your computer’s boot time with Soluto

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Does your computer take a long time to boot up?  Honestly, I have worked on some computers that seem to take forever.  You could hit “Restart” and have time to read a book while you’re waiting for it to come back up.  I recently found a little program that offers at least a partial solution to that.  It’s called Soluto.


You can get it – free – at www.Soluto.com.

What this program does is analyze everything that happens at bootup time.  It checks out all of the programs that are set to run each time you boot your computer.  Then, it gives you the list and you can decide how you want each one to be handled.  You can disable a program, or you can pause it so that it starts up a few minutes later (so you don’t have to wait for it if you need to use the computer right away).

This optimization shaves valuable time off of the startup process, and it also means you don’t have programs running all the time in the background that you don’t need.

Here’s how to get it going:

First, go to www.Soluto.com and click the big Download button.  When the file is downloaded, click to Run it – that begins the installation.  You will see this screen:

Soluto welcome


Click to Agree, and you can watch the installation as it happens.  It will look like this:



You can minimize it while you wait, but it only takes a minute or so.  When it’s done, you will get this screen requesting that you restart:


Now you need to reboot the computer.  As the computer starts up, Soluto will analyze everything that is happening.  You will see this little notification in the lower left corner of your screen while it is doing this:



When it’s finished this stage, you will see a window that has 3 sections:  Lighten Web Browser, Chop Boot, and Heal Crashes:


When you mouse over the web browser section, you will see a list of browser add-ons that may not need to run.  You will see the name, a description, and a recommendation.  If you’re still not sure if you should enable or disable it, you can follow the crowd – the program will tell you what percentage of users took what action (hint: if 100% of users disabled it, you probably should too).  These changes will make your browser faster.

When you mouse over the “Chop boot” area, you will see some options for the various programs that start up each time you power on the computer.  If you’re not sure about a particular one, you might as well leave it as is.  I keep my computer pretty well tuned up in this area, but I found a few things that were running that were not needed.  Each one that is eliminated lowers the time needed to boot up your computer.

The “heal crashes” area will be useful if your computer freezes sometimes.  Next time it happens, Soluto will analyze what could have caused the freeze-up, and offer solutions about how to keep it from happening again.

I like this program.  I also found it helpful – it cut 36 seconds off the boot time for my computer.  And you can’t beat the price!



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Ken Leathermann
October 17th, 2011


Thanks for this. I know I have way to many apps running when I boot and in the background. Just was never sure how to know which one to turn off. Finally I will have something that will now give that edge.


Maurice Gilbert
October 17th, 2011

Although I downloaded and attempted to install, I got this error:

SRE Error Title
Thanks for reporting error number 1603.

Then I followed the suggestion, re-installed, and got it again!

Didn’t see anything that said the program wouldn’t work with Windows Vista!


Scott Johnson
October 17th, 2011

Maurice – not sure what is going on there. It should work, but Vista is funny sometimes.

October 17th, 2011

I tried Soluto. I did not see much it could do for me so I uninstalled it
I never shut my computer off. I hibernate it
My laptop takes 30 seconds to start from hibernate
I do use msconfig to start what needs to be running
The only tine I reboot is when Windows updates


Scott Johnson
October 17th, 2011

MSCONFIG is a partial solution, but it does not address browser add-ons that run unnecessarily. Also, you should reboot your computer regularly anyway. It frees up memory that gets clogged after the computer has run for hours or days consecutively.

Dick Grondin
November 1st, 2011

I tried Soluto and according to the program I went from 5.03 minutes to 3.5 minutes. Thats a reduction of 30%. Not bad. Thanks scott.