How to password protect a Word document

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This is something that you should know how to do, and it may come in very handy for you at some point.  If you have any Word document on your computer now that you would not want some people to see, you can set that document to require a password in order to view it.  It’s pretty simple.

In this example, I will be illustrating the process using MS Word 2010, but the procedure is similar in Word 2007.

1. Open the Word document you want to protect – a list of your user names and passwords, your tax information, your plan to dominate the world, whatever.

2. Click File

3. Click Info

4. Click “Protect Document”

Word password protect

5. When you click on “Protect Document”, you will see a drop down menu – in that menu, choose “Encrypt with password”

6. Enter the password you want to use for that document:

MS Word password

7. Click OK, and you’re done.

NOTE: For someone that really wants to get into this document, adding a Word password for access is only a minor obstacle.  There are ways to get around it if they are determined to do so.


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