Amazing Windows 7 themes for your computer

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One of the great things about Windows 7 is the wonderful selection of high-resolution graphics you can use for your wallpaper (background image).  And most people don’t even realize that these are all available – free.

Windows 7 themes


If you have Windows 7, you will love this.

Minimize all the windows so that you are just looking at your desktop with the icons.  In an open area on the desktop, do a right click and choose “Personalize”.

You will see a small selection of Aero Themes – probably 7 of them.  You can click on each of them to see the wallpaper images, and they are pretty impressive.  Each one comes with several different images, and they change on a rotating basis.

But the REAL selection is when you click on the link that says “Get more themes online”.  This takes you to a Microsoft page that lists LOTS more of these.  Here are the categories:

Windows 7 Themes

Under each category are several themes.  If you see one you want to check out, just click “Download” and then Open.  Go exploring and liven up your computer.

Also – if you are an aspiring photographer, check out the “From the Community” category.  You can actually send in your own photos to be made available as a downloadable theme from the Microsoft site for Windows 7 users.


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