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It used to be you could go to YouTube, browse some videos, and just enjoy the content that you like.  Whether the video was of an opera singer performing, or a skateboarder doing a face plant, you could watch the entire video without having to be annoyed by any commercials.  Not any more.

Youtube logo

Now, you can’t hardly watch a popular video without having to wait through the ad that shows up at the beginning.  In fact, YouTube is now encouraging people that have some popular videos to monetize them by allowing YouTube to place ads – then the revenue is shared.  I heard of one guy that owned a video that got about 700k views – and he made a nice $2000.  Some videos get millions of views.

So where does that leave the viewer?  Watching commercials.  Which happens to be about my least favorite thing to do.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to skip the ads on YouTube?

Now there is!

First, a disclaimer – in order to take advantage of this great secret, you have to be using the Google Chrome browser.  (That’s actually kind of ironic, since Google owns YouTube, and they make money off the ads.  Oh well!)  You can get Chrome here (it’s free).  You might find that you like Chrome anyway.  I do.

So once Chrome is installed, open it and go to this website:

(or just come back here to my blog and click on that link)

That will take you to the Chrome Webstore, where they have lots of cool Chrome extensions.  In fact, you will be right on the page for this particular one.  Look at the top of the page and make sure it says “Skip ads on YouTube – No Illegal Block” to be sure you’re on the right page.  Then click on the blue link at the top right that says “Add to Chrome”:

skip ads on YouTube

You will see a window pop up to confirm the installation.  Just click “Install”:

skip ads on youtube

Now, still using Chrome, go to YouTube and find a popular video that has a commercial that plays before you can watch the video.  At the top of the video window, you will see a blue circle with a white triangle:

skip youtube ads

Click that, and you will be taken right to the beginning of your video – no commercial to sit through.

If you find that you are clicking that blue button a lot, you should also be aware that there is a Pro version of this software that costs $4, and it will automatically skip the ads for you (so you wouldn’t even have to click anything).  For me, the free version is fine.


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Ken Leatherman
February 6th, 2012

Now that is one good little tip. I think I’ll spring for the $4.00 pro. That way I’ll help Google and YouTube with financial recovery. ;>)


February 15th, 2012

Thanks for sharing Scott!!