How to NOT lose your internet connection on July 9

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I’ve been getting emails and Facebook messages asking about a topic that is currently in the news.  There is a story circulating that claims hundreds of thousands of people could lose their internet connection in July.  A story like that might sound a lot like the typical “forward this email to all your friends” hoax.  But in this case, it’s true.  Today I’ll give you the full scoop, and tell you how you can make sure you don’t lose your internet when that day arrives.

internet down



It all started when a bunch of bad guys created a Trojan called DNSChanger.  If a computer is infected with DNSChanger, you will have trouble getting to the websites you intend to visit.

For example, if you try to go to your favorite news website, you might be instead redirected to a site that looks similar to your news site, but in fact is filled with malware and spam advertisements.  This just adds more infection to your computer, and when anyone clicks on those ads, the bad guys make money.

And they made a lot of money – millions – until the FBI arrested a bunch of them back in November of last year.  The FBI confiscated their servers.  But, that meant that all of the hundreds of thousands of people that were infected with DNSChanger would no longer have ANY internet access, since their computers used the criminal’s servers.

So, the FBI set up temporary, clean servers in order to keep that big blackout from happening.  Key word: temporary.

The FBI originally planned to shut down those temporary servers on March 8.  However, there were still a LOT of computers that were infected.  So they delayed the shutdown – and now it is scheduled to happen on July 9.  It has been estimated that over half of the major corporations in the US as well as government agencies are still infected.  That’s in addition to over 500,000 individual users.  This is big!

How to check your computer:

If you use the security software that I recommend, you almost certainly don’t have a problem with this infection.

Checking your computer is easy.  Go to this website:

That site will automatically check your DNS settings.  If you’re okay, you will see a green image like this:

DNS checker green


If your computer is infected, you will see this image:

DNS infection


If your computer comes up with the red image, you need to get this taken care of as soon as possible.  There will be a link to some of the removal tools/software that have been found to be effective.

If you prefer, I can take care of this for you.  This is handled only through my Remote Support service.  Once you have that set up, we can connect and get this problem resolved.  I can also fix this in person, if you are local to me.


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sherri varrieur
April 30th, 2012

Thanks Scott!

Shirley Trepanier
April 30th, 2012

Thanks for the info…had already checked mine and was ok but did it again just in case..You worked on my pc by remote some time ago and still working great.

Thanks… Shirley

Dan Bessey
April 30th, 2012

Thanks, Scott!