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Your computer’s desktop is the place where all of the icons reside.  When you have all windows either closed or minimized, and all you see are the screen with icons, you’re looking at your desktop.  For a lot of people, that screen is a huge mess.  Whenever anything needs to be saved quickly, the desktop is the closest and easiest spot to throw it.  You may have the best of intentions to get all those icons organized someday, but there’s never a convenient time to take on that project.

Well, today’s the day – and it’s going to be easy!  Your desktop doesn’t have to look like this:

messy desktop

Recently I came across a free program called Fences.  Its whole purpose is to organize the icons on your computer’s desktop.  I love it!  You can get it free here.

Basically, this program allows you to place your desktop icons into groups.  For example, you might have a group called “Web browsers” and in that group you would have shortcuts to Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.  You can create an unlimited number of groups, or “fences”, on your desktop.

The laptops that I sell now are all configured with Fences automatically because I think it’s a great way to stay organized.

It’s probably just easier to show you how it works, so I made this brief video to demonstrate what it looks like and how to use it:


One thing to remember (I’ve mentioned this before) – you don’t want to use your desktop for storage.  In other words, don’t place actual files or folders there.  Only use the desktop for shortcuts to those files or folders.  If you need help with this, just contact me and I can take care of it remotely.


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Laverne Edwards
April 27th, 2012

Scott — I use a program to Save Desktop Icons (called Desktop Restore) for restore purposes. Do you know if one can save the Desktop with these Fenced icons?


Scott Johnson
April 27th, 2012

Sorry, I do not know. However, you could at least take a screenshot of the fenced desktop and save it, so that you know what it looks like and thus can easily recreate it.