The easiest way to speed up your computer

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It’s a question I am asked all the time… “My computer is so slow – how can I speed it up?”

There are actually lots of different ways to squeeze faster performance out of your computer.  In fact, I wrote a book about it a few years ago (although that was targeted more toward Windows XP rather than more current versions of Windows).

computer memory


However – there is one method of speeding up your computer that will probably generate the most noticeable increase in speed:  add more memory.

Memory (also known as RAM) is the resource that your computer programs use to do their processing.  Your computer has a finite amount of memory, and all of your programs have to share that same memory.  That’s why the more programs you have running at the same time, the slower they all run.

Note: Memory is different from storage space.  Your hard drive is where your data is stored.  That is also a finite amount, but it is different from memory.  (To make things even more confusing, if your available memory gets low, it will use some of your available hard drive space to make up for it.  But that’s more than you need to know so forget I said that.)

Memory is a physical thing that actual gets put inside the computer.  It looks like the picture above.

There are two main steps in adding memory to your computer:

  1. Buying the memory
  2. Installing the memory

Most people think that installing the memory would be the difficult part.  Not at all – it’s a piece of cake.  Maybe a 5 minute job, if you take your time.

The real trick is buying the right memory in the first place.  Laptop memory won’t work in a desktop computer, and vice versa.  Then there are different designations such as EDO, SDRAM, DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 – which one is the right match for your computer?

There’s an easy way to figure that out, and you don’t even need to know anything technical in order to do it.  I made a quick video to show you exactly how to do this (click the “Full Screen” icon in the lower right corner to see the video larger):

Now you’ve determined how much memory your computer has, and what type you need to buy, so you go ahead and order the memory.  When it arrives, how do you install it? Easy – just watch the videos below to see how simple this process is.

How to install desktop computer memory:


How to install laptop computer memory:

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