Another method for quick internet search – that works for everyone

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Last Monday I told you about this great method for being able to get to a Google search in a split second.  Seriously, it’s really fast!  And I found that it worked great… on my computer.  But a few people contacted me and mentioned that they couldn’t get it to work.  My friend Mike reported the same findings, and he also told me why it didn’t work for everyone.

But don’t worry!  This week I have a procedure that is just about as quick, and I guarantee this WILL work for you (as long as you have a Windows computer).



The problem with last week’s method, for some people, is that it requires you to use the Group Policy Editor.  Unfortunately, that function does not come with all versions of Windows 7 – it only comes with Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate.  Since I am using Ultimate, it worked fine.  But for anyone using Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic or Home Premium, it’s a no-go.

But I have another solution that will work!

Let’s use the same example – you want to be able to get to a Google search window as quickly as possible.  How about tapping 3 keys on your keyboard – is that quick enough for you?

Here is how we set it up (the setup only needs to be done once).

First, open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and go to Google.  So up in the address bar, you should see the “http:” and so forth, with the Google address:


See the little icon to the left of the address?  You need to click on that and hold, and drag that icon to your desktop (the screen where all of your icons are).  Now, to be able to do that, you might need to move your browser window to the side and maybe minimize your other windows that you might have open.  Anyway, when you drag that to your desktop and let go, it will create an icon like this:


So I will just stop here and say that if you are someone that prefers to use the mouse instead of the keyboard, you could just use this icon as it is.  All you have to do is double click that icon and it takes you directly to the Google search page.  Still, you would need to be able to see it in order to double click on it, so you might need to move some windows out of the way.

I like to take it a step further and make it even faster.

Do a RIGHT-click on the shortcut icon, and choose Properties.  In the new window, under the “Web document” tab, you will see a field called “Shortcut key”.  Put your cursor in that field, and just type the letter G (for Google).  You will see that the field will be changed to Ctrl + Alt + G.  Click OK to close the window.


Now is where you get to see the magic happen.

Hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys at the same time, and while holding them, tap the G key.  Look at that, there is the Google web search window right in front of you, ready for your next search phrase!

Keep in mind, it doesn’t matter if you have no windows open at the time, or if you have a dozen windows open – you are never more than a Ctrl + Alt + G away from an internet search.

Are there other websites that you would like to have quick access to?  Just do the same process for each of them.  Easy!


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