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I just received an email from a new client, and he has given me permission to share it here.  It’s great to start the day with a message like this one!


Thank You so much for repairing my computer as it now Works Great Now!!!!!

I wish I had found you a year ago as the change from Vista to Windows 7 has made a world of difference in my productivity. You were very responsive and quickly helped me during a very trying time when my PC went out.

As an Executive with a Beverly Hills based Telecom company who works remote in Palm Harbor, Florida the PC is a lifeline and obtaining support from within our company is difficult because of the logistics caused by employees being in all US time zones. I use my computer for webinars, addressing 100+ emails daily and the full Microsoft Office suite to perform the different functions required for my job.

I will recommend you company to anyone needing PC support and use you for all of future computer needs be it for business or personal.

Thank You

Richard Tew
XCast Labs
Vice President, Sales
1801 Avenue of the Stars Suite 1220
Los Angeles, CA 90067
310-861-4749 direct
310-861-4849 fax

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mando Aldrovandi
October 4th, 2012

I have found your emails very helpful and look forward to receiving them. I also keep a file of the ones that will be useful at anytime. Many thanks and keep those helpful hints coming.

Trish Hagood
October 4th, 2012

Hi Scott!!

Thank you for making my two computers “zing”!! They work fantastic and I LOVE the screen savers you applied. They are so beautiful!!!

I have searched a good while for a good computer repair person who #1 – has reasonable rates; and #2 – ACTUALLY FIXES THE PROBLEM!!

You are awesome and I’m recommending you to all my friends!!

Thanks again, and yes, you have my permission to print!

Trish Hagood