Internet Explorer 10 now available for Windows 7 users

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In the near future, you might hear about the newest version of Microsoft’s web browser – Internet Explorer.  They have released version 10.  Up until a few days ago, you could only get Internet Explorer 10 as part of the newest version of Windows (Windows 8).  Now, you can get a “Pre-Release” version that will work with Windows 7.  Should you get it?  I would say yes for certain users, but for most people probably not.

Internet Explorer 10 Pre-Release version


The big factor to understand about IE 10 for Windows 7 is that it is not a full, stable release.  It is what they are calling a “Pre-Release”.  This is just another way of saying “beta”.  That means they are still testing it.  In fact, by downloading and using it,  you are helping Microsoft test it to find any bugs that might still be in there.

Why would you want to download and install Internet Explorer 10?  Microsoft offers these 3 reasons:

1. It’s faster.  This may be true.  I can’t really make a strong case for it because I haven’t used it extensively.  I have had it installed for a few days now, and I can’t really say I have noticed a big increase in speed.  But it’s possible.

2. It’s easier to use.  Another area that I haven’t really noticed.  One of the “easier” things is that it has built-in Spellcheck.  That might be an important factor for some users I guess.

3. It’s safer.  This is the big change that a lot of the people in the tech world are talking about – more specifically, the “Tracking Protection”.  With other web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc) when you use the default settings, websites that you visit can track your visit and identify you when you return.  The change with Internet Explorer 10 is that tracking is turned OFF by default.

I don’t really consider the Tracking Protection to be anything revolutionary.  After all, the same feature is available in IE9 – you just need to turn it on in the settings.

How about another important privacy feature – InPrivate Browsing.  This means if you click Tools – InPrivate browsing, IE10 will open a new tab or window, and any web activity (history, cookies, cache, etc.) are not recorded or tracked.  Again, nice feature for those that want it, but this also is already available in version 9.

So, for the majority of users, there really isn’t a compelling reason to rush to download the Pre-Release IE10.  If you are one of those people that always love to get the newest thing as soon as it comes out, you might want to try it.  If you don’t like it or find that it does come up with usage errors, you can always just uninstall it and version 9 will be right back there for you to use.

Keep in mind – all of this discussion assumes that you even need to use Internet Explorer at all.  A lot of people only use it because it was the default web browser when they got their computer, and they are not aware of other options.  If that’s you, I encourage you to try Chrome ( or Firefox (  I believe both of these (Chrome especially) are superior to any version of Internet Explorer.

If you have Windows 7 and want to try out Internet Explorer 10 Pre-Release, you can get it here.

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