How to get (almost) anything done for $5

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Today’s tip is one you have either heard of and already used and know how great it is, or you have never heard of it before and you are about to discover a whole new world of possibility.

Fiverr logo

Here’s the basic idea behind the website:

There are a lot of people in this world
that will do just about anything for $5,
and now there’s a place where you can hire them.

I’ll tell you about Fiverr here, and even give you some examples of the things you will find there, but the real way to experience it is to go there, register for a free account, and hire someone to do something for you for $5.

The “gigs” at Fiverr are divided into categories and subcategories:

Gifts – greeting cards, video greetings, unusual gifts, arts and crafts, handmade jewelry, gifts for geeks, postcards from…, recycled crafts

Graphics and Design – cartoons and caricatures, logo design, illustration, ebook covers and packages, web design, photography and photoshopping, presentation design, flyers and brochures, business cards, banners and headers, architecture, landing pages

Video and Animation – video and animation, editing and post production, animation and 3D, reviews by actors, puppets, stop motion, intros

Online Marketing – web analytics, article and PR submission, blog mentions, domain research, fan pages, keywords research, SEO, bookmarking and links, social marketing, get traffic, video marketing

Writing and Translation – copywriting, SEO, creating writing and scripting, translation, transcripts, website content, reviews, resumes and cover letters, speech writing, proofreading and editing, press releases

Advertising – hold your sign, flyers and handouts, human billboards, pet models, outdoor advertising, radio, music promotion, banner advertising

Business – business plans, career advice, market research, presentations, virtual assistant, business tips, branding services, financial consulting, legal consulting

Programming and Tech – .Net, C++, CSS and HTML, Joomla and Drupal, Databases, Java, Javascript, PSD to HTML, WordPress, iOS, Android and Mobile, PHP, QA and Software testing, Technology

Music and Audio – Audio editing and mastering, Jingles, songwriting, music lessons, rap music, hip-hop music, narration and voice-over, sound effects and loops, custom ringtones, voicemail greetings, custom songs

Fun and Bizarre – Your message on…, extremely bizarre, celebrity impersonators, daredevils and stunts, pranks, dancers, just for fun

Lifestyle – animal care and pets, relationship advice, diet and weight loss, health and fitness, makeup, styling and beauty, online private lessons, astrology and fortune telling, spiritual and healing, cooking recipes, parenting tips, travel

Other – whatever doesn’t fit into another category

I’m guessing you can probably just look through those subcategories and see some ideas for ways you might use this service.  It’s certainly a great place to get someone a personalized Christmas or birthday gift.

Here are a few that I found interesting (believe me, there are a LOT more):

Fiverr gig

Fiverr gig



And here are a few of the more… UNUSUAL… ones I came across:

Fiverr odd gigs

You really have to explore the site to appreciate everything that is offered.  Some of the gigs are really useful, and it’s pretty amazing to be able to get this stuff done for only $5.  Others are really weird.  Check out the video below.  This guy is advertising his own Fiverr service, where he will come on camera and create a video saying whatever you want him to say.  Doesn’t get much creepier than this:

A few things to keep in mind:

1. As you go through the various listings, when you find the ones you might want to come back to, click on the “Collect” link.  This keeps track of those so you are able to get back to them (you need a free account to be able to do that).

2. Before buying, check the seller’s rating and feedback.  Don’t buy from someone with a lot of dissatisfied customers.

3. The basic gigs are all $5, but there are usually some add-ons that you can purchase for extra money (such as getting the job done more quickly than normal).

4. You could be a Fiverr seller – if you find yourself looking at these various things and saying, “Wow, I could do that!” then it might be something you should look into.  The sellers actually get $4 for performing the service (Fiverr keeps $1 as their cut).  But if you can perform a task quickly multiple times a day, it might be a way to make some extra money from home.

Have you used Fiverr?  What did you use it for, and what did you think of it?

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Ken Leatherman
December 3rd, 2012


I used Fiver to get a beautiful design for decorating my patio this last spring. It was done by a professional designer and the layout and recommendations for plants was absolutely perfect.

The designer took the time to also tell me about the plants and the best way to look after them. Frankly I was blown away with the details of the plan.

One thing should be stressed that when looking to hire someone on Fiver it is absolutely essential to check out the reviews of their service. As Scott mentioned stay away from those who have to many “bad” reviews.

Scott Johnson
December 3rd, 2012

Definitely true Ken – and if you have a bad experience with a seller, report it to Fiverr and they will put the $5 back on your account so that you can use it to try a different seller. And be sure to leave good feedback for people that do a good job!