Weak home wifi signal? Add internet to any room in your home

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Do you have areas in your home where the wifi signal is weak?  Or, do you want to have an actual ethernet (wired) connection in a room other than where the router sits?  There is actually a pretty easy solution to that – WITHOUT running any new wires.

powerline adapters

Normally, if you want a WIRED connection in a different room, the procedure would be to run a wire to that room.  That usually means making a hole in the wall (maybe more than one).  Or running cable through the attic and dropping it down.  Or, dropping a cable through the floor and running it through the basement (here in Florida we don’t have the basement option).

Well, some smart person at some point in the not-too-distant past thought, “Hang on a second – I already have wires going to every room in my home.  The wiring that carries the electricity!  Why not use those wires to carry the internet as well?”  And it worked.

Now there are several companies that manufacture and sell these devices called powerline ethernet adapters.

In its simplest form, you have two of these units (like pictured above).  You plug one of them into an outlet near your router.  You connect an ethernet cable from the router to that adapter.  Then, you go to any other room in your house and plug in the other adapter.  That’s it!  Now you have an ethernet internet connection in that room.  You just connect your computer with a cable and you’re online.

I got a set of these recently because I needed an internet connection in the garage.  The wifi signal does reach that area, but I didn’t want to rely on that.  I just set up a pair of these powerline ethernet adapters and it works great.

Here’s a video that gives a good overview of how it works, and talks about the options for different models depending on what kind of speed you require:

One thing to remember: the powerline adapters must be inserted in an actual wall outlet.  You cannot put them in a surge protector or strip outlet.

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Mike Jenkins
March 4th, 2013

If you buy Netgear for this stay away from the early ones. You will find them on clearance everywhere today because they have problems.

Scott Johnson
March 4th, 2013

Thanks for that tip, Mike!