Automatically open a set of day-specific links in Chrome

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Well, I have finally made the switch.  After using Firefox for quite a few years, I have now made Chrome my default web browser.  This wasn’t just a “cold-turkey” change – I have been using Chrome more and more recently anyway.  And overall I am happy with the switch.  But there was one thing that I wasn’t able to do in Chrome that I could in Firefox, so I went looking for a solution and I found it.

Google Chrome


Here’s the deal.  I have 6 different websites that opened up automatically each time I opened Firefox.  These are the standard set of websites that I viewed daily.  That set of 6 sites is what Firefox considered to be my “home page”.  I knew I could always close all the tabs except one, hit the “Home Page” icon, and I would be looking at my set of 6 websites.

Chrome doesn’t work exactly the same way.

With Chrome, I can still go into Settings and tell it my 6 websites that I want to open up in 6 tabs every time I open Chrome fresh.  But if I already have Chrome open in one window, I cannot open those 6 “home page” sites in another window.  If I hit the Home Page icon, it just opens to a new blank page – no website at all.  The only way to get those home pages back, one in each tab, was to close Chrome completely and open it fresh.  Sometimes that was inconvenient.

I went hunting around for a solution, and someone on an online forum tipped me off about this great Chrome extension called Daily Links.  It does exactly what I need it to do.  To get it, click on Chrome’s “Customize and Control” icon, then click on Tools – Extensions.  Search for Daily Links and click to add it to Chrome.

Here’s how it works:

Find Daily Links in your list of Chrome extensions, and click on Options.  You will see a few different things to configure:

Chrome Daily Links options

Now you need to add the website address (URL) for each page you want to display in a tab.  Just type in the URL (or click on Select Bookmarks and choose from there) and click “Add”.  You can add as many as you want, but don’t go too crazy – 20 websites loading at the same time means they will all load pretty slowly.

Here’s the cool part – you can customize the listing so that certain sites only show up on particular days.

For example, I subscribe to a certain YouTube channel that puts out a new video every Monday.  So I have that one included in my links for Mondays, but not any other day – why open a website when the content will not be new for another week?

Or, if you have a comic strip site that has new content on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you could have that site only show up on those days.  Your list of sites would look something like this:

Daily links configuration

The green arrows are there so that you can move a site up or down the list based on priority, so the sites show up in the order you prefer.  And of course the red X deletes a site from the list completely.

In most browsers you can do something similar by creating a folder on your Bookmarks toolbar, filling it with shortcuts to your favorite websites, then right click on the folder and choose “Open in tabs” or something similar.  But that doesn’t give you the day-specific option (unless you create a different folder for each day – and that sounds like a lot of work).

Now that I am using Chrome more than ever, I will probably be finding more cool things you can do with it.  What do you like or dislike about Chrome?  Have you found any great extensions for it?

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Vee Foote
May 20th, 2013

Thank you for this post, Scott. I have used GC exclusively for years now. Most of my extensions deal with Facebook. Bitdefender QuickScan, Facebook Share Button, Facebook SidebarFixer, FastestChrome – Browse Faster, fbQuickLogin for multiple Facebook™ accounts, Hide Facebook Ticker (by SachinKRaj), How facebook news feed SORT MOST RECENT TOP, Send to Facebook, Social Fixer for Facebook, and Photo Zoom for Facebook.

Have a great week, Vee