May I have your 15 votes?

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Here it is, plain and simple:  I am asking that you vote for my podcast each day for the next 15 days.  Here’s the link.

Podcast AwardsOkay, now I’ll back up a bit and give you more of the story.  Starting today, November 1, 2013, voting begins for the 9th Annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards.  My podcast, The Computer Tutor Podcast, is one of the 10 nominees in the Technology category.  This is the first year for my podcast to be eligible for nomination, so for me it’s a great honor just to be among the nominees.  I’m already seeing an increase in listeners just from the exposure of being on that list, which is wonderful.

Anyway, voting is now open.  Each person (more specifically, each IP address) is allowed one vote per day for the 15 days that voting is open.  So, I am humbly requesting that you go to once a day, scroll down to the Technology category, and cast your vote for The Computer Tutor Podcast.  Of course, if there are podcasts in other categories that you listen to and like, I would encourage you to vote for them as well (you can vote for one podcast in each category each day).  One that I am personally voting for each day is the School of Podcasting (“General” category) because Dave Jackson is the one that helped me get my own podcast started.

Podcast Awards

So that’s all you need to do – once a day through November 15, go to, find the Technology category at the bottom of the list, and cast your vote for The Computer Tutor Podcast.  I really appreciate it!

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Gene Wheeler
November 4th, 2013

You are definitely getting my vote! I like your podcast!