How to show 2 more clocks in other time zones

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Do you find yourself needing/wanting to always know what time it is in a time zone other than your own?  Here’s how to always display that on your Windows computer.  With this procedure, you can display your OWN time zone as you probably already do, plus you can display one or two OTHER time zones of your choice.

time zone clocks

With the internet connecting our world like never before, this can be a pretty handy feature.  I might be chatting on Skype with a product supplier in China at 8 pm here in Florida, but in his office it’s 9 am the following day already.  Or maybe it’s 9 am on a Monday here in Florida and I need to call one of my clients in Oregon – but I don’t because out there it is only 6 am.

By default, the Windows time clock only shows one time zone.  That one should be the one where the computer is located.  That’s the time that will always display in the bottom right corner of the screen.

default time zone

Adding a couple more clocks in other time zones is pretty easy:

1. Right click on the time that is already displayed, and choose “Adjust date and time”.  This opens a new window.

time zone settings


2. Click on the tab titled “Additional clocks” and check the first “Show this clock” box:

time zone clocks

3. Then you just have to choose the time zone that you want to display for that clock.  If you know the city but are not sure about what time zone that city is in, you can check it by typing in any major city name (worldwide) at the Time Zone page at  Then, you can put in an easily-recognizable display name for that clock.  So rather than having it display (UTC +[4:00]) Moscow, you can just make it show Uncle Vladimir.  Much more intuitive.

You’ll see at the bottom of that window there is another “Show this clock” option.  If you have another time zone to keep track of, just go through the same process with that one.

4. Click OK to close the window.

Now that you have it set up, what exactly has changed in the way the time will be displayed?

– The local time will continue to be displayed (by itself) in the bottom right corner of the screen.

– When you mouse over the time (without clicking anything), the local and remote time zones will display digitally:

time zones digitally


– If you do one left click on the local time, you will see a new window that displays actual clocks with the local and remote time zones, as well as a calendar:

time zone display

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