Malwarebytes plan is changing – get your lifetime license while you can!

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Update: Unfortunately, since version 2 was released, Malwarebytes is no longer working properly. In fact I have seen on several computers where it is messing up other programs, including my clients’ online file backup software. I am recommending that Malwarebytes be uninstalled. The security software we now use and recommend is here.

I have been using and recommending Malwarebytes (the paid version) for many years now.  It’s a great tool, and provides a good level of security in addition to your antivirus program.  Malwarebytes recently announced that their business model is changing.  This means that you have a window of opportunity to take advantage of their current pricing, because it will soon change permanently from a single payment lifetime license to an annual subscription.


As a refresher –

Malwarebytes has 2 options for their antispyware program.  You can get the free version or the paid version.

The free version installs on your computer, and you can run it whenever you want to do a scan.  When you run it, it will update itself and scan your drives for any malicious software, then remove it for you.  But, if you never run it, it won’t do anything other than sit on your computer.

The paid version runs all the time in the background (you can see it in the System Tray when it’s running).  This means it will block that stuff from coming into your computer in the first place.  Also, the paid version has a Website Blocker, so it will pop up a warning if you are about to click through to a malicious or infected website.

In my opinion, your computer will be properly protected if you use Microsoft Security Essentials (free antivirus) in combination with the paid version of Malwarebytes.

For many years, Malwarebytes has charged $24.95 for the paid version.  This is a lifetime license for your computer.  And in fact you could install Malwarebytes on your next computer and use the same license codes.  This was a great deal (and you even get a discount if you purchased licenses for 2 or more computers at the same time).

That is now changing.

Malwarebytes is about to come out with version 2, and with the introduction of that, they are changing to an annual subscription.  The new pricing will be $24.95 per year.  In addition, this one license will be good for 3 computers.

Here is the important thing to note: at the time of this blog post, you can still purchase the lifetime license for the single payment of $24.95.  You can get it here.  (Note: that’s an affiliate link, so when you purchase from that link they will pay me a small commission.)

Some questions and answers:

Question: When is the price officially going to go up to the annual subscription model?
Answer: Malwarebytes has not announced a specific date when version 2 will be released and the subscription model will go into effect.

Question: If I buy the lifetime license now, will I still get version 2 when it is released?
Answer: Yes

I am one of the beta testers for the version 2 software, and I really like it.  It has a much more modern interface, and it’s easy to use.  I have it installed on my Windows 8 computer, so by the time you get the full release version 2 I will be very familiar with it and can help you configure it if needed.

Personally, I am glad they are changing to the annual subscription model.  The one-time payment for a lifetime license was really way underpriced.  The company provides daily updates to the malware definitions, which requires a lot of resources to keep up with.  Plus they have come out with a new version of the program a few times, which is also expensive.  By creating a more predictable cash flow annually, it will enable them to invest more into new products and development, and we will all benefit from that by having a safer computer experience.

Another positive from this is that Malwarebytes did not opt to keep the product free but put in advertising or junk downloads or toolbars.  I would rather pay a few dollars for a product annually than have to navigate through all that garbage.

Finally, you should go check out their site at  They have a LOT more software than just Malwarebytes, and several are free:

  • File Assassin: got a file on your computer that you can’t delete because Windows says it is locked?  Unlock it with this program (free)
  • Reg Assassin: cleans out malware entries in your computer’s registry (free).
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit: finds rootkits (malware that works at the root of your C drive) and gets rid of them.  Note that this is a product currently in beta testing stage (free).

Get your lifetime Malwarebytes license:

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Moe Beaudin
February 17th, 2014

I purchased the paid version years ago when you not only mentioned
it in your newsletter but you provided a code for a discount. I like the
fact that I don’t have to do anything, no scans or updates, and it was
a lifetime once only payment. I changed my computer from Windows
XP to Windows 8 and I contacted Malwarebytes and they provided
me with my original code so I could continue my paid subscription
on the new computer. I just forwarded your blog to many people on
my contacts list so they can read and decide for themselves if they
want to get this for their computers. Hope they take advantage of
your link to subscribe. Thanks,

Scott Johnson
February 17th, 2014

Thanks Moe, much appreciated

Paul Underdown
February 18th, 2014

Great heads up on chance to take advantage of a fantastic product at a great price! Thanks Scott, I’ll spread the word about this; your blog and podcast.

Scott Johnson
February 18th, 2014

Thanks Paul!

February 20th, 2014

Will the company still be providing the free only-run-on-demand version with the new edition of the software ?

Scott Johnson
February 20th, 2014

I believe they will continue to offer the free version.

Jim MacKenzie
February 21st, 2014

Will the new version still cover multiple computers? I have one in Vermont and one in Maine that are currently covered – will I have to pay separately for each one?

Scott Johnson
February 21st, 2014

The current version only covers one computer. One lifetime license, one computer, for $25. If you have the lifetime license on 2 computers now, that will continue so you don’t need to do anything. Each one will continue to work and will upgrade to version 2 when it comes out. When the pricing plan changes to the annual subscription, that is when it will cover 3 computers under the single subscription ($25 annually).