How to create a Windows folder with no name

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Every week here on my blog I talk about some type of practical tip or trick that you can do with your computer. Hopefully you find some of them practical and useful. But you know what? Being a geek, I sometimes like to come across computer tricks that may not seem to have obvious practical value. That’s what today is going to be. And who knows, maybe there is some actual usefulness for this. If you find it useful in some way, please let me know in the comments below.

nameless folder


You’ve probably always wondered, “How can I created a folder on my computer, and give that folder a completely blank name?” Well, you can stop wondering. Here’s how you do it.

For our example, we’ll create a folder on the desktop so it will be there along with your other icons.

First, do a right-click in an open area of the desktop. In the menu that comes up, move the cursor to “New”, and then choose “Folder”.

At this point, you have a folder called “New folder”:

new folder


Do a right click on that new folder, and choose “Rename”:

new folder


Now the folder is ready for you to give it a new name. Hold down the ALT key on your keyboard, and tap the number “9” nine times (that’s 999999999) from the number pad on the right side of your keyboard. NOTE: it won’t work if you hit the 9 in the number row at the top of the keyboard – it has to be the number pad on the right side.

Now let up on the ALT key, and hit Enter on the keyboard. There you go, a folder with no name:

nameless folder


And that’s it. Hey, at the very least, maybe you could bet an office co-worker that you can create a nameless folder and win a dollar.  For me, I just find stuff like this interesting. It’s kind of fun when you know how to do something that most people don’t.

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