Cool tech gadgets that are cheap on Amazon

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This week, some fun stuff. It’s good to have computer tips and security alerts and warnings to back up your important data, but sometimes we need to take a break and check out some things that can amuse and entertain us. And really, some of these things can be considered computer-related or technical in some way.

Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget


What we have here are some cool little items. All of them are:

  • Cheap – around $20, some a lot less
  • Amusing/entertaining – some may actually even be useful
  • Available on Amazon – at least it was when I wrote this

Have fun!

  • Wireless LED Motion Sensor Light

motion sensor lightThis little light just sticks up anywhere you have too much darkness, like in a closet or a pantry. It measures 3 inches square and is run by 3 AA batteries. Wherever it is, as soon as it sense motion (such as you getting into your closet to find something), the light comes on. When you leave the light goes off. Could be pretty handy.




  • Quirky citrus spritzer

citrus spritzerI can definitely see where this might be useful. It looks like one end is tubular with sharp edges. The other end is a pump sprayer. You just jam the sharp end into a fat piece of fresh fruit, then use the pump sprayer to spritz the fruit juice on your food. No batteries required, just finger motion. Doesn’t get much fresher than this!




  • Talking Toilet Paper Holder

talking toilet paperSeriously, who would not want one of these things? You can record your own message (and re-record it if you want). Then, when someone pulls on the toilet paper, it plays your pre-recorded message. I can think of a few message possibilities. It’s funny and creepy all in one.





  • Laptop cooling pad

cooling padIf you use a laptop regularly, you need one of these. Even if yours does not seem to get excessively hot, it does get hotter than the average desktop computer. The cooling pad pulls the hot air out and away from the computer, meaning it will run more efficiently, and therefore it should last longer. Whenever I am repairing a laptop, it’s on a cooling pad.




  • Sport headband with built-in headphones

headphone headbandI would use this for when I run or walk. I wear a hat anyway, and I often use headphones. This gadget just combines the two. The only thing I see as a disadvantage is that the headphones are wired (the ones I use are bluetooth-enabled so they are wireless). But I still see a lot of people running with wired earphones anyway, so I’m guessing this would be pretty popular for those that like music and warm ears in the winter.




  • Ringtone Annoy-a-tron

annoy a tronOne of my favorites in this list. It’s a variation on the original, which was simply the Annoy-a-tron. The original was a tiny little device that you stuck somewhere in your victim’s house or office (in a place that it would not easily be found, like the underside of a table or the interior of a file cabinet). Then at random intervals, it would produce a little “beep” or “chirp”. Nothing loud or obnoxious, just enough to be heard and to make the victim wonder what in the world continues to make that noise. This new model mimics some common phone ring tones, and it’s also less expensive than the original, which currently sells for around $35.




  • Mini stealth universal TV remote

tiny tv remoteI used to own one of these and it was a lot of fun. Small enough to hang on your keychain, so you can carry it with you everywhere. When you’re at someone’s house you could have the TV randomly change channels. It’s even more effective if you’re not actually one of the ones watching TV – maybe you’re sort of off to the side having a conversation with someone. It does confuse people since they can see the actual remote sitting there and no one is touching it. Even more fun – go to a sports bar on Super Bowl Sunday, and just as one team is about to score, switch the channel to a Hallmark movie. Just make sure no one EVER finds out it was you.




  • Temperature sensitive LED faucet light

LED faucet lightThis is one of those things that has almost no practical value. The only real use for it is that you can see by the color whether the water is hot or cold. I guess that’s sort of handy. I just like it because it looks kind of cool, and it’s cheap. I think that whoever wrote the description on Amazon was probably not a native English speaker, as one of the lines read, “Make water colorful and beautiful to bring you good feeling”.





  • Stink bombs

stink bombsNow these obviously have LOTS of practical value. If you have a sense of humor like mine anyway. I have used these so many times over the years. The ingredient in these little things is ammonium sulfide. Sulfide like sulphur, or that wonderful “rotten egg” smell, and ammonium like ammonia, to make it really strong. That wonderfully funny chemical is inside a container made of very thin glass, so that all you need to do is put it on the floor and step on it to break it. That unmistakable, horrible smell will fill the room very quickly. If you’re at a dinner party and you happen to notice that one of the other guests goes into the bathroom, just go and “activate” one of these near the door and of course that person will catch the blame when they come out.

$6.01 (for a package of 36)



  • Runny nose shower gel dispenser

runny noseI don’t know when I stopped using bar soap in the shower, but it really does seem kind of old-fashioned now. Shower gel or body wash is my preference. And if you’re going to lather up in liquid soap, why not have it squirt out of a giant wall-mounted nose? The reviews aren’t that great though – apparently the nose leaks in between uses. At least it doesn’t cost very much to try.





  • Blacklight flashlight

black light flashlightLooks like a regular flashlight, but it puts out ultraviolet light. When you shine one of these in the dark, it illuminates some things that you couldn’t see with the light on. For example, police use them to investigate a crime scene because it enables various bodily fluids to show up. You can also use it to spot certain types of rocks or minerals. Or if you use a particular type of invisible pen, anything you write can only be seen under a black light. And if you’re considering purchasing an expensive piece of art, you can use this to reveal any cracks or previous repairs.




  • Battery-saving mousepad

mousepadI’m not yet convinced of the science that says the mouse pad you use can make your mouse battery last longer, but apparently that is what the “lab testing” has shown (according to the seller’s description). They say it can extend the life of your wireless mouse by up to 50%. A lot of the reviews had nice things to say about it but they weren’t talking about the battery-saving aspect of it; they just like the way the mouse pad feels, and the fact that it is adhesive so you can stick it to the desk and not have to be bothered with it moving around.




  • Digital video recorder sunglasses

video sunglassesIf you need to record a conversation or something else on video, and you can’t advertise the fact that you are recording, this would be a good way to do that. It’s a great example of how technology is able to keep making things smaller and smaller (except for smartphones – they’re getting bigger). These actual polarized sunglasses have a tiny hold in the center front and that’s where the camera lens is. It records HD video, and since the memory is expandable up to 32 GB, it can hold a LOT of video.




  • Handerpants

handerpantsThe Amazon description says that these are a vaguely inappropriate fashion statement, and that they will distract enemies and prevent chafing. Good enough for me.







  • Ham dogger

hamdoggerWhat do you do if you want to have hamburgers for dinner but the only buns you have on hand are hot dog buns? You just make the hamburgers into the shape of hot dogs! That’s what the ham dogger does. I’ve never actually seen one of these used before, but I would sure be willing to try it out.





  • Muscle man chest plate

chest plateThis is supposed to be something you put on under a T-shirt to make it look like you have a muscular chest and washboard abs. It sounds great in theory, but several of the reviews said that it’s just very thin rubber and doesn’t work as described. That’s probably why it’s only $18. Apparently you have to spend $60 or more to have the chest of a male model. Hey, even at that price it’s cheaper than a gym membership.






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Nancy Mariani
January 26th, 2015

Really enjoyed todays topics. It was a fun read, and I love your sense of humor.(especially the stink bombs!)

Scott Johnson
January 26th, 2015

Thanks Nancy!

Joan Peterson
January 26th, 2015

How old did you say you are? Nine? I outgrew practical jokes at the age of six, when I hid my grandfather’s glasses in a fancy cigarette box. I swore I had no idea where they were, but with my mother on one side of me and my grandfather on the other (two very formidable creatures) I ‘fessed up and took the consequences. My heartfelt promise was “never again.” Apparently no such life-altering terror came your way. Too bad.

Mama Joan

Scott Johnson
January 26th, 2015

Life-altering terror rarely has a positive outcome. Thankfully I did avoid that. 🙂

January 26th, 2015

I am always looking for ways to distract my enemies!