How to rotate a video file to right side up

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These days just about everyone takes videos with their cell phone. It’s actually pretty handy to have that ability, whenever you see something happening that is worth recording, to be able to immediately make a video of it. But sometimes, you might record the video with the wrong orientation – so it plays on your computer at a 90 degree angle, or even upside down. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to fix this!

rotate video


With a regular picture (a still image), rotating it to the proper orientation is easy. You just find the image on your computer, do a right click, and in the menu that pops up, just choose “rotate clockwise” or “rotate counterclockwise”:

rotate picture


But with a video file, you don’t get that option as a standard feature in Windows, so we need to use a different process.

Fortunately, some enterprising person out there on the internet has created a website service that mostly automates the whole process. And of course, it’s free (but he welcomes donations for the service).

The website I use for this is called – appropriately – Rotate My Video. You can see it at

rotate my video


Using that website, here’s how you rotate a video:

1. First, you go to the website and click the button that says “Pick video”:

rotate video


2. That opens up a window, and you need to navigate to where your video file is located on your computer. Most commonly this would be in the Videos folder, but the computer will let you store it in any of your folders. You just need to know where it is. Just click the video file once to highlight it, then click “Open”:

rotate video



3. Now your video gets uploaded to the website, so they can prepare the editor for you. This shouldn’t take very long, but it can take a while if your video is a long one, or if you have a slow internet connection.

rotate video


4. When the video is uploaded, you’ll see your editor screen. You’ll also see an image of your video on the right side of the screen. You just click the “Rotation” button arrows until the video on the right is displayed properly. Then you click the “Rotate video” button at the bottom to implement your change.

rotate video


5. Now you just wait while the website processes your video rotation. Again, this might take a while if the video is large. When it’s all done, you’ll see the message “Your video is ready!”. You then need to click the “Download” link immediately under that “ready” message:

rotate video

IMPORTANT NOTE: The website is ad-supported, and some of the ads on the screen will have a big “Download” button – they’re hoping you mistake that for the actual Download link. Be sure to ONLY click on the one shown in the image above. Clicking on an ad might take you to an infected website, or download malware to your computer.


6. Click to download the properly-rotated video file, and save it to your computer. If you save it in the same folder as the original video (the one that is not properly oriented), your computer will probably give you a little warning like “There’s already a file by that name in this folder. Do you want to replace it?” and since the new one is the one that’s been fixed, you say YES, you do want to replace it.

And that’s it! Now you can click on the new video and play it, to verify that it’s showing the way it’s supposed to.

The website has even created a quick 2-minute video to show you the whole process. Even though the steps above might seem a little complicated when you’re reading them, it’s pretty easy. Here’s the tutorial they created for it:

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