Some cool websites I’ve come across recently

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Sometimes I like to take a break from my “regular” computer tips and just show you some of the interesting websites I’ve run across recently. These are a few sites that are either helpful or informative in some way, or just plain entertaining.



Account Killer

You probably have a lot of online accounts at various social media sites. Let’s face it, they all make it very easy to sign up, and then you’re suddenly sucked in and overwhelmed by everything that comes with it. In some cases, you might decide, “Ok, I’ve had enough of this – I’m just gonna cancel that account.” Ah, but that process is not so easy or obvious, is it? You can spend hours searching the site for a “Cancel my account” link (which is very well hidden), or you can just go to the Account Killer website and get the exact instructions for how to do it. They have step-by-step processes for deleting accounts at all the most popular websites, including these and literally hundreds more:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Skype
  • Whatsapp
  • Yahoo
  • Google
  • Hotmail
  • Spotify
  • Dropbox
  • MSN
  • MySpace
  • Groupon


Down for everyone or just me?

If you’ve ever gone to a website and gotten the dreaded “This page cannot be displayed” message, you have to wonder if the website itself is actually down, or if your computer just has a problem and can’t connect to it at the moment. This website provides the quickest and easiest way to see if a website really is down.

Just go to the site and you’ll see there is just one thing to do there – you type in the address of the website you are trying to access. It will come back within a couple of seconds, and either tell you that the website is actually down, or that it’s just you.



This site is for those times when you have said to yourself, “What did I do with that manual?” Or maybe you purchased something used, and just needed the documentation on how to use it properly. It could even be something that you’ve had for a while, and maybe forgotten how to take advantage of all the features. Whatever the case, this website has what you’re looking for.

The site’s subtitle is “The Ultimate Manuals Library” and it has over 1.7 MILLION manuals in PDF that you can download and even print if you want. These manuals cover over 1.3 million different products. You just go to the site and enter the model number of whatever appliance, TV remote, tool, car, truck or other item for which you need a manual. Pretty likely you’ll find it there. And all of the manuals are available to you at no charge.



Some people are able to be more productive when they’re in a “coffee shop” environment”. I guess that’s why you always see so many people working away at their laptops in Starbucks. Or maybe they’re just on Facebook. I do see a lot of pictures of Starbucks drinks on Facebook. For me, I find coffee shops a little too distracting to do work that requires any degree of focus or concentration. But if you like the “background noise” of a coffee shop, you can now create that environment in your own home! The Coffitivity website is an audio website that “recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe to boost your creativity and help you work better” (that’s the description on the website).

At the site, you can choose which “ambient sounds” you like:

  • Morning Murmur – a gentle hum gets the day started
  • Lunchtime Lounge – bustling chatter of the lunchtime rush
  • University Undertones – the scholarly sounds of a campus cafe

There’s even an app you can get for your phone, so you can enjoy the coffeehouse background noise no matter where you are.



If you’re thinking about creating a website, and you need some images for that site, it’s very tempting to just hop on Google Images, find the perfect picture, and grab it for use on your site. Not so fast! Many of those images are owned by major photography and advertising companies, such as Getty Images. If you post one of their images on your website without purchasing the rights to use it, it’s very likely that you’ll get an invoice from them for several hundred or even thousands of dollars – and you will have a heck of a time gettingĀ out of paying that bill. Don’t fall into that trap!

There are lots of websites that offer high-quality images for commercial or public use, but most of them require payment. Not Unsplash. This site has lots of really high-quality, high-resolution images and they are all free for you to use. You can even sign up for their email list and they’ll send you a few new ones each week. Even if you don’t want to use them on a website, they are really beautiful pictures just to look at.


All About Birds

If you like to watch birds, this site is a gold mine. It’s created and managed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and they have webcams mounted in a variety of locations, all in view of some type of bird’s nest. These include Owls, Hawks, Ospreys, Albatross and probably others. They aren’t all live all the time, because nest activity is dependent on the season of the year. But even if your favorite bird isn’t currently live, you can also watch videos from previous webcam captures. This is one way that technology is really bringing nature – LIVE – to the world.


11 foot 8

Saved the best for last. I predict that you’ll spend more time on this site than you will the previous ones I mentioned.

There’s a railroad trestle (overpass) in Durham, North Carolina. One-way traffic passed under it, and the height limitation to clear the trestle is – you guessed it – 11 feet, 8 inches. There are signs stating the clearance, but that doesn’t stop a lot of trucks from just barreling right through. In fact, the railroad has installed a crash bar in front of the tracks so that it takes brunt of the crash each time it happens – and they’ve already had to replace that crash bar.

The guy that created this website has an office near the intersection, and he saw this happening so often that he set up a webcam pointing that direction, figuring he would eventually capture one of them on video. That was in 2008. Since then, he has caught 95 of them on video and you can watch all of them right there on the website if you want. A lot of the crashes are rental trucks, which makes sense since the drivers are probably inexperienced with driving a truck. Some of them scrape the top of the truck but make it through, and some of them rip off the whole top edge. I don’t know why, but it’s pretty entertaining.




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August 3rd, 2015

Thanks Scott for sharing the 11foot8 website. I shared with my coworkers at lunch and we thoroughly enjoyed it. One of my co-workers is dealing with cancer and it was good to see him laugh so hard he cried. We enjoyed watching him enjoy it more than the actual website. Thank you again for your podcast and the broad subjects you seem to cover and for bringing some enjoyment to those who need it.

Scott Johnson
August 3rd, 2015

Thanks Keith – loved hearing about how you guys enjoyed it!