How to get all those birthdays off your Google calendar

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I use the Google calendar to keep track of all of my activities, both business and personal. It’s super convenient because it automatically syncs between my computer, my phone and my iPad. And since I also use Gmail (another Google product) I can set the calendar to easily send me email reminders for anything.

remove Google birthdays

But recently I came across a really annoying problem with the Google calendar – it was tagging each day with names of people having a birthday on that day. Some of the people I knew. But some I didn’t know – they weren’t computer repair clients, they weren’t fellow Safety Harbor residents. But there they were, in my calendar that I use each day – even though I didn’t ask for them to be there.

Google calendar birthdays


It would be nice if you could just do a right-click on a particular birthday and choose an option like “Remove all birthdays from my Google calendar” but they don’t offer that as a solution. In fact, for a while there actually was no solution – you were just stuck with having them there, cluttering up your calendar.

But now there is a way to do it. Here’s how to get those stupid birthdays off your Google calendar:

  1. While viewing your Google calendar, click on the gear icon in the top right, and in the drop-down menu, choose Settings.

Google birthdays


2. On the Settings page, click the Calendars link:

Google birthdays


3. Then, find the “Birthdays” calendar and uncheck that box:

Google birthdays


And that solves the problem. No more birthday reminders for people you don’t (or barely) know.

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