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Every so often I do a post where I feature several websites that are interesting, informative, funny or just somehow intriguing in some way.

cool websites


Documentary Addict
Whenever I go on Netflix, and I don’t have anything specific in mind to watch, I tend to browse through the documentaries. And Netflix does have a lot of documentaries in their library of things to view. I don’t know the exact number they have, but I would bet that Documentary Addict has a lot more. The current total they show is 5,257 but that is changing pretty regularly as they add new ones. There are documentary films here on just about any subject you can imagine.

If you’re not looking for anything in particular, it can be a little overwhelming. But if that’s the case, you can also check out their subsections such as “Just Added”, or “The Week’s MOST RIVETING” or the “Top 100” and you’re sure to find some really good content. Or, you can just pick one of 26 categories to narrow it down to a particular field of interest.

And one other advantage of Documentary Addict – it’s completely free.


The technology of faxing was pretty amazing when the first standard office fax machines were introduced back in the late 1980s. But let’s face it – faxing is now an outdated form of transmitting/receiving documents. Fax machines that originally cost hundreds or thousands of dollars can hardly be given away now, because there are just other ways to accomplish this more efficiently and with higher resolution.

BUT – there are still some businesses and some individuals that use faxes. If you are dealing with one of them, it’s rather unhandy if you don’t have a way to send a fax from your location.

FaxZero allows you to have this ability, and it’s free for most situations. You can create a document in Word, then go to the FaxZero website and upload that document with the fax number you want to send it to. It’s free to send up to 3 pages + the cover page, and you are allowed to send up to 5 free faxes per DAY. This is probably perfect for that one time in 5 years that you need to do this (it certainly wouldn’t make sense to own a fax machine for those rare occasions, not to mention you would need a regular telephone line and many people don’t even have those at home anymore).

If you need to send a longer fax, it’s just $1.99 per fax for up to 25 pages – still a bargain.


SuperCook Recipes
f you like to cook and you like trying new things, and you don’t always feel very creative, this website could be a great tool for you. All you have to do is tell the website what ingredients you have on hand, and it will come up with a bunch of recipes for dishes that only use those ingredients.

For example, I went on the site and told it that I only have American cheese, eggs, a potato, and some sausage – and it came up with 70 different ideas for a meal. These included:

  • Swedish sausage potato cakes
  • Sausage and potato frittata
  • Salt-baked potatoes

And a bunch more. Of course, the more ingredients you have, the more options it will come back with. But for nights when it’s suppertime and your brain is too tired to come up with something on its own, this website could help.


Amazon Filler Items
If you shop at Amazon, and of course you do because everyone does, you know that if your purchase is over $35 you probably qualify for free shipping (Amazon Prime members ignore this because you usually get free shipping anyway). So what if you want to buy something that’s $33.99? Just a little bit more in your shopping cart and you’d get free shipping, but how do you find an item that costs just $1.01?

That’s where the Amazon Filler Items website comes in. You go to the site, and enter the dollar amount that you need in order to get your total purchase up to $35. The site comes back with a list of dozens or even hundreds of “filler” items that fit the bill. It’s almost a certainty that one of them will be one that you would have to buy at some point in the future, so you’re not really just wasting money.


Flight Radar
This website can be handy if you want to track a particular flight to know where it is or when it’s taking off or landing. What you’re looking at on the screen is a basic map of your location. Flying all over that screen are little images of airplanes. But these aren’t just random plane icons – each one represents an actual flight that is happening right now. When you see one near your location, click on it and it will tell you what flight it is and where it’s headed, along with some other details. Pretty handy.


Stuff in Space
I’m pretty sure you have no idea how much junk is floating around in space around Planet Earth. I certainly didn’t. This website tracks that space junk in real time.

When you go to the site, you’ll see a black screen with Earth in the middle. You can click and drag to rotate the earth left and right, or up and down. What you’ll also see are little dots – many thousands of them. Each one of those dots is a piece of junk floating around. You can click on it and get the details. There are leftover rocket bodies, payloads, or some things just labeled “debris”. Space exploration sure leaves a trail of garbage behind.


Khan Academy
Taking classes can help you learn a lot of things. But it can be expensive. If you want to learn about all the various subjects you would take in high school or college, you can do it for free – online – at Khan Academy.

The site offers multiple classes in categories such as Math, Science, Economics and Finance, Arts and Humanities, Computing and more.

Then if you just take one category, such as Math, you can zero in on specifics such as what grade level or what areas of math you want to learn, or just take the fundamentals:

cool websites


And that’s just the one category of Math. Each category has multiple sub-areas like that. And it’s all free.


Don’t throw my package
We are about to roll into the holiday season, which means many people will be ordering packages and having them delivered via Fedex, UPS, the US Mail, and other couriers. Nothing is more frustrating than having a valuable item show up and then find that it’s been damaged in the delivery process. How does this happen? Well, one way is through the carelessness of the delivery drivers.

The “Don’t Throw My Package” website is a collection of videos in which delivery people have been caught mishandling the packages they’re supposed to be taking care of. With home security cameras becoming more common, you’d think they would be aware that they could be “on stage” at any time during their daily deliveries.

This is what I think of whenever I’m shipping a laptop to a client. Fortunately, in the hundreds of laptops I’ve shipped over the years, I’ve only had two instances where packages were damaged in delivery. I always send them insured, and in both cases UPS paid the full claim amount.

For an example of the videos you’ll see on this website, check this one out.


For the websites featured here on my blog today, some of them are ones that I found and some were suggested to me by readers and listeners to my podcast. If you know of a website that is interesting, funny, educational or unusual in some way, let me know about it so I can tell everyone else!

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Pat Lafaye
October 26th, 2015

These were really fun Scott.

Chris Rogers
October 30th, 2015

Man, Scott. You do such a great job with your Monday newsletters. This one was no exception. That Stuff in Space is nuts!

Patrick Scott
November 8th, 2015


As usual, you deliver the best in a concise format. THANKS!

November 10th, 2015

Good information. I would suggest adding to the list as an alternative to faxzero. also allows users to send free fax online and is mobile friendly. Plus, it does not add branding on your fax cover page.