How to change your font in a Facebook post

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Part of the fun of Facebook is seeing something new, or learning to do something you never knew was possible. Unfortunately, most of what is posted on Facebook is just fake junk that gets repeatedly posted because people don’t research or verify; they just click the “Share” button. But what I’m telling you about today is definitely real, and I’ll bet you didn’t know you could do this. Plus, you can verify it works by trying it yourself.

change facebook font


If you use Facebook, you obviously know what a status update looks like. It’s very plain. You can’t make any changes to what the letters look like – all of the billions of posts on Facebook look exactly the same.

Until now.

If you want to make YOUR Facebook update stand out from the crowd, now you can – through a free website called FB Font Changer. You can check it at

At that website, you just enter your Facebook status content in the field at the top of the page, then hit the “Convert” button. Let’s say for example you want to post on Facebook “Taking my dogs to play at the park”. When you enter that and convert it, you now have these options to choose from, depending on how you want it to display:

Facebook font changer

Facebook font changer

Facebook font changer


As you can see, you get lots of choices. When you see one that you like, you just click the “Copy” button out to the right of that particular line. Then go to Facebook and in the status update box, do a right click and choose “Paste”. There it is!

Obviously this is not something earth-shattering, but not every computer trick has the ability to change the world. Do a few posts with some of these fonts though, and I’ll bet you have some friends that will ask, “Hey, how did you do that?”.

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