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Enough Windows 10 nonsense – let’s have some fun with some great websites!

cool websites


Every few months I do a blog and podcast about some interesting websites I’ve come across. There’s no exact criteria for what makes the list. I just look for ones I find interesting, entertaining, or educational.


If you want a place that will make you look like a super creative person on social media, this is it. If you have a YouTube channel, or an Instagram account, or a Twitter account, or virtually any other type of social media account, you want it to look nice with professional photos. But it’s difficult to do that unless you have good photo editing software, and the skills to use it correctly.

FotoJet makes it easy to make really nice images with overlaid text, and they know exactly what size the photo needs to be for each type of social media account. For example, a header image on a YouTube channel should be 2560 pixels wide and 1440 pixels high. FotoJet already knows those types of details so you don’t have to learn through trial and error. To see what is available for you to create, click on the “Samples” link at the top of the website.

  • Twitter headers
  • YouTube covers
  • Facebook covers
  • Facebook posts
  • Google Plus covers
  • Pinterest graphics
  • Instagram posts
  • Photo magazine covers
  • Photo comics


Run Pee
Everyone watches movies, and everyone has to pee eventually. But what about when you’re with a group of friends watching a great movie, and you have to use the bathroom? If the movie is really good, you don’t want to leave for a few minutes and miss something that’s critical to the story line. But you know you can’t wait another hour or more until it’s over. That’s where the RunPee app comes in handy. You can access this on a computer, but it’s probably more effective using the app on your phone.

When you run the app, it displays a list of movies. New movies are added every week on the day the open in theaters. Through the magic of crowdsourcing, each listing will tell you when there is a 3-5 minute stretch where you can leave and come back without missing anything important. Most films have a few of these, and they are summarized in a sentence or two.

If you start the app and start the timer when the movie starts, you can even get a vibrate alert on your phone when one of the “pee times” comes up!

cool websites



All My Faves
This is one of those sites that is REALLY useful. They’ve taken just about every type of website (such as videos, maps, news, weather, car rental, photos, movies, genealogy, lots more) and put them in a list down the left side. Then, for each category, they have the most popular websites in that category displayed via the logo. Each logo is a link that takes you to that site.

They’re laid out like this:

cool websites

And they fit all of it on one page! Here’s a smaller, abbreviated version but you should just go to the website to see all that’s there.

cool websites


Status History
This one is Facebook-related, since almost everyone on the planet now has a Facebook account. Except my dad – he refuses to participate.

The Status History site allows you to see all of your previous Facebook status updates – right back to when you first got on Facebook. It took about 6 minutes for it to find all of mine (2196 total). Pretty interesting to see what I was posting back as far as 2008.

You can also see some other interesting numbers:

  • How many “likes” you’ve received
  • Who has made the most comments on your posts
  • How many times you’ve commented on friends’ posts
  • Who has given you the most likes

It’s interesting to see this information, but when I see these historical totals, I also can’t help but think about how much time is wasted on Facebook. Maybe my dad has the right idea.


I love this one because it is so educational, and so easy to use. And it is useful for just about everyone, since we all have a body. And most of us have very little knowledge about how organs and body systems work, or even where they are. This website changes all that, and in a very visual way.

When you first see the website, there’s a human body displayed, and you can mouse over (without clicking) the list on the left to highlight a particular system:

cool websites


Then when you actually click on the system you want to explore, you’ll find much more detailed information on that area. And the image also becomes interactive – you can even see a 3D image, which you can rotate and zoom in on with your mouse.

There is a LOT of information here so you could spend a lot of time on this site. And the graphics, while anatomically correct, are done tastefully. Very useful and informative.


The Kitty Convict Project
This makes so much sense – as long as people are aware of it. Check these facts:

Here in the US, over 7 million pets go missing every year (I had no idea it was that many).

For dogs, about 26% are reported and end up returning home. But for cats, it’s less than 5%! Here’s why:

  1. More dogs have ID collars on than cats do.
  2. Cats are better at hiding.
  3. When someone sees a dog running around the neighborhood, they assume it’s lost. When they see a cat running around the neighborhood, they assume it’s just an outdoor cat, so it never gets reported.

This website offers a solution to that problem: If your cat is an indoor cat, dress them in orange – such as an orange collar or an orange scarf.

cool websites


One reason for orange is that it’s easy to see. But more importantly, it brands your cat as a “Kitty Convict”. This tells anyone that might happen to see it that this cat belongs INSIDE, so it has probably escaped its home and needs to be reported.

If you have a cat, you can get an orange collar on Amazon, here: and it can have a custom ID tag, or you can get your phone number embroidered right on the collar itself.

cool websites



Google Feud
This one is kind of fun and kind of addicting. As I was researching this blog post, this is the site I spent wasted the most time on. You know how Family Feud works, right? They take a survey of 100 people and make a list of the top 6-10 answers for a particular question. And you have to guess as many of those as you can. If you guess one that’s not up there, that’s a strike. When you have 3 strikes, you’re done.

This game works pretty much like that. But what you’re trying to guess are the top ways a Google search is autocompleted. You know, when you’re typing in Google and before you do an actual search, Google tries to predict what you’re wanting to search for. This is based on what thousands or millions of people before you have searched on. For example, if you type in Google “Baseball is” you’ll see some potential searches that might match what you want.

cool websites

So on GoogleFeud, you’re trying to guess what the top “autocompletes” were for a given phrase. You have 4 categories to choose from:

  • Culture
  • People
  • Names
  • Questions

When you go there and try it, you’ll see it’s pretty easy to figure out. The game keeps score for you so you can try to beat your previous high score.

And if YOU know of a website that you think people might like to hear about, send me an email and it just might get featured in an upcoming blog post.

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February 15th, 2016

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Scott Johnson
February 15th, 2016

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