How to get rid of sponsored posts (ads) on Facebook

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Thanks to a really good ad blocker (Ublock Origin), I see almost no display ads on most websites. It’s wonderful. But if that’s the only ad blocker you use, you’ll still see ads on one popular website – Facebook. Here’s how you can get rid of the ads on Facebook as well.

Facebook ads


Facebook is kind of tricky about how ads are displayed. They try to make the ads sort of “blend in” with the other content so you’ll maybe not notice that it’s an ad and you’ll just keep reading it. And they put ads all over the place:

Suggested pages and Sponsored posts:

Facebook sponsored posts


Right-side column on newsfeed:

Facebook newsfeed ads


Right-side column on profile page:

Facebook ads on profile


Under comments in photo view:

Facebook ads on photos


What I really hate is when I’m scrolling down the news feed and come across something that seems like it could be interesting. I start to read, then I notice that word: “Sponsored”. Just someone trying to sell me something. I think Ublock Origin might get rid of some of these ads, but those “Sponsored Posts” seem to fly under the radar for most traditional ad blockers. But not any more!

When I use Facebook now, I don’t see any of those ads. That’s because I use a browser extension called QClean. You can get it free at At that page, just scroll down and choose the download based on the web browser you use:

Facebook ad blocker


Update: apparently this extension is not compatible with the current version of Firefox.

Just follow the directions to install it. Mine is installed to use with Chrome of course, since it’s my default web browser. Once it is installed, go to Facebook and you’ll see the QClean icon light up right there in the top right corner (might show up somewhere else in browsers other than Chrome, I’m not sure):

QClean icon


What you WON’T see are all the ads that used to show up all over your Facebook pages. I’ll bet you won’t even miss them. I sure don’t!

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Marge Teilhaber
September 12th, 2017

Thanks so much, Scott, for this great tip. I hope you’re unscathed from Irma. Good luck! I’ll be in touch soon for remote help on the problem I discussed with you.

Kim Harrington
September 13th, 2017

Hi Scott,
Just for your general info.. I tried to download it for Firefox, but it said it is not compatible with my version (which is the latest) v 55.0.3.

Scott Johnson
September 13th, 2017

Yes, someone else told me that as well. I’ll update the post, thanks.