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It’s that time again – today we’re featuring some websites I’ve come across recently that I think you might find useful or entertaining.

cool websites



These days, you can’t really say for sure if a photo you’re looking at is the real thing, or if it’s been “doctored” with Photoshop or some other photo editing software. Well, at least you can’t be sure with just your human eyes. At the Fotoforensics website, you can upload a photo and have it analyzed for editing. Personally, I’m not really convinced of its accuracy. You be the judge.



The Hemingway Editor

Great tool for writers. Helps you avoid bad sentence structure, weak phrases, mixed use of passive and active voices, etc. The site actually has a desktop app you can download so that it runs directly from your computer. From the site:

Hemingway editor


Family Watchdog

Ever wonder about your neighbors? Maybe not your next door or across-the-street neighbors, but what about those that are in your neighborhood but you don’t really know? If you’re concerned about where the registered sex offenders are living in your city, this is the site to check on.  And believe me, when you put in your address or zip code, you’ll be surprised to see how many of them are living right there in your area.

Family Watchdog


Go Remote jobs

This site helps you find work that you can do from anywhere, simply because it is all digital. Think about it – no commute, flexible working hours, and you can live anywhere in the world you want to! Working remotely is not for everyone. You have to treat the business hours the same as if you were working for an employer. But if you have a skill that’s appropriate for it, you should consider doing it.

Go Remote Jobs


Soapbox for video creation

Soapbox is a great little tool if you want to make “talking head” videos that look professional. You just install it as an extension for Chrome (it’s free). Record your video using the webcam built in to your laptop, edit it, and upload it to share with anyone who needs to see it. Watch the video on the home page of the site to get an overview of how it works.



Online Solitaire

Nothing too amazing here, but if you find yourself with an internet connection and some time to kill, this site offers you the Solitaire you are craving.

Solitaire Bliss


Awkward family photos

Every family has them. The one photo, that when you’re looking back at it, makes you think “What were we thinking?”. This website is full of these awkward photos – some intentional, some not. Here’s one that the family thought was so funny they used it as a Christmas card.

awkward family photo


Legal documents

What if you need a simple legal document, but you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars having an attorney draft it for you? That’s the idea behind this site. The document templates here actually WERE created by attorneys and legal experts (the website’s FAQ claims). You just answer the questions that need to be included in the document to make it specific to your use. It’s not a free service – the documents range in price from $1.99 to $19.99. Is this a substitute for a lawyer? No. But for some people and some situations it might be sufficient (and a lot less expensive).

Wonder Legal


Hacker Typer

This one’s fun. Just go there and start typing. You’ll see.

Hacker Typer


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