How to display all your font samples in one place

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Today’s tip comes from a question I got recently:

Is there a simple way to type a single word and have it list the font name and display the word, so you have a sample of all your font styles? Thanks – Stephen

Yes, Stephen, that is possible!

view fonts


A few years ago I did this in MS Word, the hard way. I typed out the alphabet and the numbers 0 through 9 in a Word document, then copied and pasted it so I had that same set of characters displayed like 60 times. Each one was on its own line.

Then I went back to the first one, highlighted it, and changed the font to the first font in the list. Then I went to the second one and changed that one to the second font in the list. I went through that process for every line, so that I could see all of my fonts displayed in the same place. What a pain that was! But I only had to do it once, then I printed that multi-page document and kept it around for handy reference.

I don’t need to go through that time-consuming process any more, and neither do you. Let your computer do this work for you, like it’s supposed to!

You do this through a little piece of software called FontViewOK. You can download it free, here. When you are at that page, be sure to click on this link to download it:

FontView OK download


If you’re not using an ad blocker (and why aren’t you??) you’ll see a few fake “download” buttons and links so be careful.

When you have the .zip file downloaded, double click to open it. When you see the file inside called “FontViewOK.exe”, just click and drag that to your desktop. That’s it – there’s nothing to install.

Now you have this icon on your desktop:



Just double click that to run it. When the window opens, you can type the alphabet or anything you want into this field:

font viewer


You also have the option of formatting the text like italic, bold, etc. You can also control the size of the font being displayed, but it defaults at 48 and I thought that was a pretty good size.

The end result is that you have a scrollable list of all your fonts showing whatever text you typed in the sample box:



And it’s handy to have the actual name of the font right under the words in that font.

If you click “FontViewOK” at the top of the window, you’ll see you also have the option to print that whole thing.

print fonts


For mine, I have 208 installed fonts so it would have been a 19 page printed document. I declined to do that, but you might want to have a printed copy for easy reference.

And why would this program have an option at the top that says “Coffee”? Because it’s free for you to use. But if you get some use from it and want to thank the software developer, a man named Nenad in Germany. You can click the “Coffee” button and it will take you to a purchase page where you can send a few dollars to buy Nenad a cup of coffee.


Nenad and his son


Nenad has actually created quite a few cool little Windows programs like this one. You can see all of them listed at the home page of his website:

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