Alexa stores your voice recordings

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It’s great to be able to speak into your device, such as the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot to get some information. But did you know, every one of those voice commands is stored by Amazon? You might find it handy to know how to delete that history.

echo dot stores history


How to VIEW your Alexa recordings:

It’s easiest to do this on your computer. Go to the website and over on the left side, click on Settings:

Alexa settings


Then over on the right side, scroll down to the “Alexa account” section and click on History:

Alexa history


Now you’ll see a full list of everything you’ve said to Alexa. You’ll probably see some common trends. My Alexa search list is pretty boring – mostly it’s “Play Neil Young on Pandora”. Alexa does a whole lot more than that.

Click on any of the recordings in the list and it will take you to that specific recording. Also on that page is an option to “Delete voice recordings”. You can do this here, but only one at a time. This really is not a viable option for most people, since you probably have hundreds or thousands of voice recordings. But it is kind of interesting to see the list here.

How to DELETE your Alexa recordings:

To delete all of the recordings at once, you would do that from the Amazon site.

You just go to the Amazon “Manage your Content and Devices” page, here: and click on the “Your Devices” tab:

Alexa delete history


Then you find your device in the list and click on the left-side icon with the 3 dots in it. This will show you your device, and you want to click on “Manage voice recordings”:

Alexa delete recordings


Now you’ll get a little alert window that comes up before you can actually delete your voice recordings. The alert will tell you that Amazon uses your past history of talking to Alexa to allow her to “learn” your voice and improve the accuracy of the results. This means your future results “might” not be as accurate without that history of learning that has been built up. This all might be true, but it’s up to you if it makes any difference or not.

Alexa history

Once you click on Delete, a new message appears to let you know the delete request has been received:

Delete Alexa history


The actual full deletion will probably not be immediate. It might take less than a minute if you have just a few voice recordings, or it might take several minutes (or possibly longer) if you’ve recorded a lot of commands. But there’s nothing else you need to do from this point.

As a side note, Amazon’s Echo and Dot are not the only devices that store these recordings. Your voice commands are also stored by Google each time you say “OK Google” and give a command, as well as when you give commands to Siri (Apple devices) and Cortana (Windows 10 devices). But those processes are different so I might cover some or all of them in a different post.

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