The best way to get great new Windows wallpapers

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A while back I came across this great free software that will go out on the web and grab a bunch of really cool photographs, and use them to create a new Windows wallpaper for your computer which continuously changes as often as you wish. It’s pretty cool!

cool wallpaper changer


The program is called John’s Background Switcher. Guess who created it. That’s right, it was John! You can get it free here:

Johns background switcher


Getting the program installed is easy – just go to the link I mentioned above, and click on the download link based on what kind of computer you are using (Windows or Mac). We’ll be talking about the Windows version but I assume the program works similarly on a Mac.

The download and installation process are pretty straightforward and just a matter of clicking Next a couple of times, then Install. When I installed it, there was no attempt by the software to sneak anything in that was unwanted, so hopefully that will continue.

After it’s installed and running, just a little bit of setup is needed. The setup window might open automatically, but if it doesn’t, look for the little icon down in the lower right corner:

Johns background switcher


Do a right click on that little icon and choose “Settings”:



That will open up the program and allow you to choose some options.

First, the big thing is where the program will find the photos to put on your computer. There are lots of sources of free pictures online, and John’s Background Switcher knows all of them! If you click the “Add” button at the top right, you’ll see what the optional sources are.

photo sources


You can choose any of those photo websites, or even have it grab pictures from your own hard drive. For me, I keep it simple – I choose Flickr, and then in the main window I check the box “Top 250 photos from the last 7 days”. You’re pretty much guaranteed to never see the same image twice that way.

background switcher settings


You’ll some other options on that screen as well. You can choose how often a picture changes – as often as every 10 seconds, or just once a week. You also have the option of how big the picture should be on your screen. That’s something you probably just want to play with and see what you prefer.

For me, I use it a little differently. If you right click on the icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, you’ll see that the first option in that menu is “Next background”. I like clicking that and just viewing a few of them until I get to one that really strikes me, then I actually pause the program so that it just stays on that picture until I change it. I keep it on a background for a day or a few days maybe, then I go back in and click through until I find another one I like, and keep it on that one for a few days.

I’ve been using this program on my own computer for several months now, without any negative stuff like malware or ads coming in with it. Looks like a good one. If you try it, leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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