Have folders re-open automatically after each restart

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If you’re working on files in a certain folder and you have to do a restart, would you like to have that same folder open up automatically for you after that restart? It’s possible, and it’s really simple to do.



Sometimes I find myself in a predicament. I know it’s been a while since my computer was restarted, so I know I really need to do it. But…I’m working on my blog, or my podcast (or my new podcast) and I have these particular folders open. I know if I restart I’ll have to go back and open all these same folders again, and that just makes me think, “I’ll restart later”.

But with this Windows setting that I’m talking about today, I could do a restart, and all of those folders that I have open before the restart will automatically be open right there on my screen, after the restart!

And really, you probably know already that there are times when Windows decides to do some updates, and your computer is going to go ahead and restart whether you like it or not. Same benefit – after the restart, you can just start right up where you were working previously.

Here’s how you do this:

First, open the search function in the lower left corner of your Windows 10 screen, and type “file explorer options” – then click on File Explorer Options in the menu that comes up:

file explorer options


In the new window that opens, click the View tab, then look all the way to the right for the “Options” button. Click the drop-down and choose “Change folder and search options”:

change folder and search options


Now you see the “Folder options” window. Click the “View” tab, then scroll down a little and check the box that says “Restore previous folder windows at logon”.

restore previous folder windows


Then click OK, and you’re done.

Now you can test it. Open a few windows, then restart your computer. When it boots up again, there are your chosen windows, open and ready for you to use.

And this works for more than just File Explorer windows. You can do it with your Outlook email window, or your web browser. I have done it with Chrome, and it opens back up with the same tabs as before the restart. Pretty handy!

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September 3rd, 2018

Timely and highly useful information, Scott, thanks!

Mary Putnam
September 4th, 2018

Is there a similar option on windows 8

Scott Johnson
September 4th, 2018

Don’t know – I don’t have a Windows 8 computer to check that (rarely see Win8 any more).