The best live-streaming webcams around the world

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All over the globe, there are live cameras set up and streaming the content of whatever happens to be in their view. Here are some of the ones that I think are pretty interesting.

live streaming


The Sea Otter Cam
Watch the sea otters at the Vancouver Aquarium.

sea otters


The Garden Bubble Cam
Andie and Mike live somewhere in south Florida, and in their back yard, they have a bubble machine. It’s connected to the internet, and right under the webcam picture is a button labeled “Bubbles”. When you click that button, it activates the machine and bubbles blow out. Isn’t it amazing what we’re doing with technology these days?

bubble cam


Decorah Bald Eagles
This is definitely a popular webcam. In fact you may have seen it on the news from January to sometime in June. This is an eagle nest in Iowa. Eggs are usually laid in late February and hatch 4-6 weeks later. And you can watch it all happen live.

bald eagle nest


Watching Grass Grow
You’ve heard the phrase “that’s about as exciting as watching grass grow”? Well, apparently a lot of people ARE entertained by that activity. Even the site calls itself “the most boring/exciting website in the world”. It’s just a view of some guy’s front lawn in Colorado. And if you’re thinking, “no way would anyone watch that!” – when I checked the site recently, there were 49 other people watching it.

watching grass grow


Jackson Hole Wyoming Town Square
This is a live view of the main intersection in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It’s pretty much what you would expect. Traffic lights, cars, pedestrians. When I viewed it, 99 people were also watching.

Jackson Hole webcam


San Diego Zoo Ape Cam
You guessed it, apes in a zoo, live on camera. The same site has cameras for theirĀ  condors, elephants, koalas, pandas, penguins, polar bears, and tigers. Maybe if enough people discover the webcam, fewer people will visit the zoo!

Ape cam


Senior Dog Gathering Room
This is great if you’re a dog lover like I am. This is from the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. This particular camera is in a room where the older dogs eat, play and relax. I love how this place has all the furniture set up with steps for access, and lots of blankets and pillows to these senior dogs can enjoy their retirement! The sanctuary has cameras all over the place. When I visited, I was one of 158 watching at the time.

senior dog webcam


Animal Planet L!VE Kittens
Maybe you’re a fan of kittens. This is a live camera showing kittens playing with each other. (the camera was down temporarily when I went to get a screenshot for this post)

The Africam
They have several live cameras set up to see the wildlife in Africa. You can click on whatever thumbnail image looks like it has some action.

Africa webcam


Giant Panda Cam
The Smithsonian National Zoo has set up cameras so you can watch their giant pandas – Tian Tian, Mei Xiang, and Bei Bei. You can toggle back and forth between two cameras, depending on what’s going on at the time.

Panda cam


The Temple Bar
This is a live shot of a pub in Dublin, Ireland. Great if you like live Irish music and the pub atmosphere.

irish pub


West Texas Hummingbirds
Definitely the webcam to watch if you like hummingbirds. Of course, you’ll only see them if it’s daytime in Texas.

hummingbird webcam


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