TEN handy Windows 10 shortcuts

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Windows 10 is just LOADED with some really great shortcuts, and a lot of people don’t know about many of them. I’m sure I don’t know about all of them. But here are ten shortcuts that I (and others) have found really handy.

Windows shortcuts


Shortcut #1
If you’re using Chrome or Firefox, with a bunch of tabs open, and you accidentally close one – don’t panic! Just hit Ctrl + Shift + T and the tab that got closed will automatically re-open.

Shortcut #2
In just about every program, Ctrl + Z will undo your last action.

Shortcut #3
If you want to open Task Manager, you don’t have to hit Ctrl + Alt +Delete and then click it. You just have to hit Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

Shortcut #4
If you’re searching Google for a word or name, and you find yourself on a website that has a mile of text, don’t scroll down the page trying to spot that word. Hit Ctrl + F and type the word, and you’ll see every place that word appears on that entire page.

Shortcut #5
If you drag a file with the RIGHT mouse button instead of the left, when you let go you’ll get a little menu asking if you want to copy that file, move it, or create a shortcut to it.

Shortcut #6
If you have several windows open but need to get to a file or icon on the desktop screen, hit the Windows key + D. All windows will be minimized so you can see the desktop.

Shortcut #7
After you hit the Windows key + D in tip #6 to minimize all your windows, hit it again and they’re all back again.

Shortcut #8
If you want to make sure your Google search results DON’T include anything from Pinterest, just put this in front of your search word(s): -site:pinterest.com

Shortcut #9
If you get a pop-up window with audio telling you your computer has major problems and that you should not shut it down, shut down the computer. Just hold in the power button for 10 seconds or until the computer shuts off. Wait a minute, then turn it back on. That pop-up and audio message is just a scam.

Shortcut #10
This one will blow your mind if you don’t already know about it. Hit Ctrl + Windows key + D to create a new virtual desktop. It’s like a whole separate desktop screen, but no windows are open. So now you have two separate, usable desktop screens. You can switch back and forth between them by hitting Ctrl + Windows key + left/right arrow. If you want to close the one you’re in, it’s Ctrl + Windows key + F4. OR, you can just hit Windows key + Tab to see all of your virtual desktops and manually close them or add new ones.

Virtual desktops are handy if you want to have a bunch of research windows open on one desktop, and the paper you’re writing on the other desktop. Or if you want to let someone else use your computer temporarily without having all of your windows available to be seen.

And a BONUS Shortcut:
Hit the Windows key + “.” (just the period, without the quotes). Go ahead, it’s safe.

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March 4th, 2019

Scott, I didn’t know ANY of those shortcuts. For sure I’ll use #1 and #2.

Chuck Edenfield
March 4th, 2019

Scott, I just tried the Windows + . keys. Nothing happened. I have windows 10 with latest updates.

Scott Johnson
March 4th, 2019

Well that’s a mystery I guess.

jim wilson
March 5th, 2019

Well Chuck, that just shouldn’t be. Assuming that your PC and keyboard work well in all other instances a couple of things to check come to mind.
1. You have the latest up to Win 10 from Microsoft installed and working.
2. Try a warm boot, “restart.”
3. Try a cold boot, close PC and after 10 or so seconds, turn on again.
4, Report back!

jim wilson
March 5th, 2019

Scott, One subject your viewers may be interested in is how to make their own emoticon/icon.

Marge Teilhaber
March 6th, 2019

Most of these work with W7. Windows key + . might do something in W10 but nothing in W7.