How to clear “Continue Watching” on Netflix

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Today we’re “sort of” veering away from a strictly computer-oriented tip (although what I’ll show you is done on the computer). This has to do with an annoyance I had with Netflix until I figured out how to solve it.



To illustrate the problem, I’ll give you a specific example from my usage.

Here is what my home page on Netflix looks like:

Netflix home screen


The issue I’m talking about today is that first section at the bottom of the screen, called “Continue watching for Scott”:

Netflix continue watching


Whenever you start watching something, but don’t get all the way to the end, it shows up in that section the next time you open Netflix. This is actually there for convenience, and usually it is convenient.

Recently I’ve been going through The Office again (probably my fourth or fifth time). So it’s nice when it’s there, I just click and it goes right to the next episode waiting for me.

The problem is Kevin Hart, the other entry there. I recently heard Kevin Hart when he was interviewed on the Joe Rogan podcast. I had never really heard much of his stand-up comedy, but on the podcast I was impressed by his conversation and work ethic, and he’s obviously very successful. So I saw his Netflix special “Irresponsible” come up as a suggestion and I figured I would watch that.

Well…I know he is very popular, but I honestly did not find him funny. At all. I got through about 20 minutes, waiting to laugh, and finally gave up on it. That’s okay – he has a big fan base so I’m sure he’ll get along fine without me.

And that’s where the problem comes up. Netflix saw that I watched some of it, and didn’t finish it – so every time I open Netflix, there’s Kevin Hart waiting for me to come back. Even though I’m not coming back. This was okay for a while, but after a couple of weeks I decided I need to figure out how to get it off my main screen.

Here’s how you do it:

First, on your computer go to and log in to your account. As you can see, on my page there’s The Office and Kevin Hart “Irresponsible” under the Continue Watching section:

continue watching


Now, go to the top right corner where your profile image is located, and in the drop down menu, click on Account:



Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the My Profile section, and click on “Viewing Activity”:

Viewing activity

Now you’ll see your activity, and you just find the one you want to remove and click the circle with the line through it out at the right side:

remove item


All done! Now your Continue Watching section will only display what you want to see there.

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Joe Messman
June 10th, 2019

Thanks for that tip. Now if I could just add updates to my Que via my desktop that would show up on the Roku.