3 of my favorite YouTube channels

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Fun topic today! I watch a bit of Youtube each night before I drift off to sleep. I have a few channels that I subscribe to, and these are some that I thinkĀ  you might find entertaining as well. I’ll tell you about them below, and include one of my favorite videos from each one. Warning – some videos have swearing.

My YouTube favorites


Favorite #1: The Lock Picking Lawyer
View it here
Subscribers: 1.38 million
I’ve always had a minor interest in lock picking (as a hobby, not anything sketchy). For those that are more serious about learning how to do it, the hobby itself is called Locksport. But this guy, The Lock Picking Lawyer, takes it to a whole new level.

For most of his videos, he takes a particular brand and model of lock and shows how ridiculously simple it is to bypass. And wait til you see what he does. He uses a simple lock pick and I don’t think there is ANY lock he can’t open. It’s really incredible. All the major brands – Master Lock, Brinks, any of them. He especially likes to take the ones that are advertised as “pick proof”. Even if you’re not really into lock picking yourself, this guy is very entertaining to watch what he does.

In this video, he gets into a home safe – using a coat hanger.


Favorite #2: Gas Station Encounters
View it here
Subscribers: 1.24 million
This one combines comedy and petty theft, and it turns out to be a pretty entertaining result!

There’s a gas station/convenience store located somewhere in northeast Ohio (I don’t know exactly where). They have cameras mounted throughout the store so that virtually every square inch of space can be seen and recorded (it’s not a huge place, just a typical convenience store). And the guy that runs the place, Brandon, takes huge pleasure in catching shoplifters. There are two big monitors right next to each cash register, so he can actually be watching someone steal something even while ringing up another customer. If he is 100% sure of a theft, he’ll follow the person outside and confront them, and make them come back in and pay for the item.

What’s really funny is Brandon’s narration when he edits the video to be posted on YouTube. Here’s one where he catches a guy stealing some nail clippers.


Favorite #3: Jose Barrientos
View it here
Subscribers: 94,500
Another channel that combines two of my favorite things – comedy and hacking. Jose is literally a comedian (he does stand-up comedy at clubs all over the country), and a hacker. But he’s the GOOD kind of hacker – he is what’s called a Penetration Tester. Companies hire Penetration Testers to see how vulnerable their security is. So Jose gets PAID to try to hack into the computer networks of big companies.

Normally you wouldn’t think that a computer geek would have much of a sense of humor, right? Well, Jose is the exception. In fact, in the videos he makes, he often uses his sense of humor and his computer skills to bring justice and entertainment wherever it’s needed. And Jose has a heart for helping people: I work with a local non-profit group that gets things for the big homeless population here in Florida, and Jose bought and donated a brand new pair of work boots so that a man could be able to get a construction job.

This video is one of my favorites from a while back, and it went viral. Jose played a little prank on his speech class all semester, then did the big reveal during the final class.


Bonus favorite: Surveillance Camera Man
View it here
Subscribers: 91,000
Okay, I’ll be the first to admit this one is kind of weird. This guy just goes out in public and films people for no reason. What would you do if a stranger just walked up to you and was recording a video, without saying anything? Naturally, people are initially confused and ask him what’s going on. His standard response is, “just taking a video” without giving a reason why. That’s when most people get angry and tell him to leave. But he doesn’t leave, and he doesn’t answer their questions. He just keeps recording video.

In some cases, he’s out in public, so he could probably say he has the right to be there and people can’t really have a reasonable expectation of privacy. But in other situations he’s kind of a jerk, walking into private establishments and not leaving when he’s asked to.

I believe the person that created this sees it as “art” and I guess you could make that argument. Or maybe it’s a social experiment. I also think I saw somewhere that he did this to increase awareness that there are already cameras everywhere, so we are already being watched all the time – it shouldn’t make any difference that an actual person is holding the camera and doing the filming right in front of you.

Whatever the story is behind it, I find it entertaining. It’s one of those videos that you just can’t stop watching because you want to see more reactions from the people.

And what is YOUR favorite YouTube channel? Leave it in the comments below.

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