How to resize the Windows 10 Start Menu

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Did you know that the Windows 10 Start menu is re-sizable? It’s really easy to do too.


Microsoft seems to be obsessed with making the Windows 10 Start Menu be so large that it takes up much of the desktop screen. Of course, it doesn’t help that they fill it by default with a bunch of junk like XBox games and Candy Crush and Bing News. But we can fix all of that.

There are actually a couple of ways you can configure it so that the Windows 10 Start Menu takes up less space on your screen.

First, you can get rid of all the tiles they stick in there. This is one of the things I do as standard procedure when I’m setting up a new computer – either a computer that a client has just purchased new, or a laptop that I’m setting up for resale. None of those tiles are needed, so I get rid of all of them. All you have to do is right click on each tile individually, and in the little menu that comes up, click on “Unpin from Start”. And that tile is gone. When you’re done, open the Start Menu again and you’ll see that all that’s there is the scrollable list of all your apps and programs. Much cleaner.

 clean Start Menu


The second thing you can do is physically re-size the Start Menu. You’re able to actually make it taller or shorter, as well as wider or thinner.

To do this, just click the Start button so that the Start Menu appears on the screen. Then put your cursor at the top edge of the Start Menu. You’ll see that the cursor changes to an up-arrow and down-arrow icon, and when it’s like that, you can click and drag the top edge of the Start Menu up or down. Just move it to where you like it and let go. You can do the same thing with the right edge of the Start Menu – just click and drag left or right and make it the size you prefer.

For me, I like for the Start Menu to be as small and inconspicuous as possible. But that’s just my personal preference. You can set yours to look the way you want. And I’ll bet if you show your friends this Start Menu resizing trick, it’s probably something they didn’t even know was possible.

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