The RV giveaway scam

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If you’re on Facebook, you’ve most likely seen the posts talking about the Jayco RV company having a promotion and offering to give away a free RV to some lucky winner. Well… I have some bad news for you.


The Facebook post that you see was most likely shared by one of your friends. And they shared it because they saw one of their other friends share it. It’s crazy how fast these things blow up.

The original post reads like this:

With a lot of people out of work and Covid-19 keeping them out of work, we know money is tighter more now than ever! So by 9 pm Thursday, someone who shares and also comments will be the new owner of this Jayco Embark 2020 RV, paid off and ready to drive away, keys in hand!

And of course it’s accompanied by some beautiful pictures of the $150k RV, which of course is designed to make everyone salivate and really, really want to be the winner. So the eager “contestants” do as instructed, and click the Like button, and make a really creative comment like “I’d love to have this” and click the Share button.

The sad thing is, they have only accomplished two things. They have cluttered their friends’ Facebook news feed with (yet another) hoax, and they’ve told all their friends that they’re kind of gullible for believing this is actually real.

Jayco is not giving away an RV. There is no contest or drawing. Don’t comment and don’t share it. If anything, tell the person who shared it that they should delete it.

This has become so common, and so many people have shared it in order to win, that the Jayco RV company had to actually come out with a statement explaining that it was all fake. This is what they posted on their company Facebook page:

no rv giveaway

So what’s the point of this? Why would someone create a fake Facebook page about giving away an RV?

Well, the scammers usually have one of these plans in mind:

First, they might get thousands or hundreds of thousands of Likes and Shares. That means that the content that gets posted on that Facebook page will get seen by a lot of those people. So they’ll eventually change it from the RV giveaway to something else, like a spammy product they want to sell. The “RV Giveaway” might change to “Get free quote on your auto insurance!”. And since it cost them nothing to get all of these followers, it’s free advertising.

Second, they might just build up the Facebook page with a lot of likes and follows, and then just sell the page on the black market. Any Facebook page that has a high number of followers has value, so it is something that certain people will pay for.

So when you see something like this, know that it’s just a scam. Don’t help the scammers! Click the 3 dots at the top, then click on “Report page”. Hopefully Facebook will agree that it’s just a hoax and take it down quickly.

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