394 How to quickly change the font for a whole document

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What if you have a long document that was created in Word, and you want to change the font for the whole thing? That’s actually something that can be done pretty quickly.

MS Word


So here you are, you’ve typed up your research paper and it’s 10 pages long. Or maybe you’ve written a whole book, and your Word document is 600 pages (I sure hope you have that backed up!)

And now you realize that instead of having the whole thing in Calibri font size 11, you need to have it in Times New Roman size 10. What do you do?

First, in Word, make sure you’re looking at the “Home” tab, where you can see the font choices and sizes.

Word Home tab


Then, hold down the Ctrl key and tap the letter “a”. You’ll see that the entire document is now highlighted; whether it’s one page or 100 pages, every word is highlighted. That means that whatever changes you make, those changes will affect the entire document.

So while it’s highlighted, go up to the font list and choose the font you want to use. Then, choose the size you prefer.

As you make these selections, you’ll see ALL of the text gets changed to that new font and size.

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