401 The value of a laptop cooling pad

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I’m often surprised at how many laptop owners are not familiar with a cooling pad.

cooling pad


Laptops are great because they are portable (at least most are). Everything you need is right there in that thin, flat package. But that’s also a disadvantage – when all of the computer’s components are crammed into a very small, confined space, it means there will be heat generated.

Laptops in general run hotter than a standard desktop computer because of that very reason. And when a computer gets hot, it doesn’t run as efficiently. In fact, if it gets TOO hot, it is designed to just power off before it can do any damage to itself. So you want to do everything you can to make your laptop runs as cool as possible.

But when a laptop is just sitting on a flat surface – or even worse, on your legs or on your bed – that heat that’s being generated doesn’t really have anywhere to go.

A laptop cooling pad helps to minimize this problem.

A cooling pad is basically just a platform that’s slightly bigger (in length and width) than your laptop. And it has fans built in. So you use it by putting your laptop right on top of it. The fans of the cooling pad work to suck all the hot air away from the computer.

Of course, the cooling pad fans need some kind of power source. For most of them, this is just a single USB cable that plugs into one of the USB ports on your laptop. That’s the only power source it needs.

You can get a decent cooling pad for $20-$30 either online or at your local store such as Walmart or Best Buy. If my primary computer were a laptop, I would have it on a cooling pad 100% of the time.


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