403 Chrome bookmarks disappeared? Get them back

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Chrome has a nice horizontal toolbar where you can bookmark your most commonly-accessed websites. What do you do when that toolbar disappears?

Google Chrome

For some people, this is a Chrome feature that they’ve probably never seen because they never turned it on. For others, it might be something you use all the time, but suddenly it’s just gone.

This is what the Chrome bookmarks toolbar looks like:

bookmarks toolbar

If there’s a website that you visit often, you can just go to that website, and drag the “padlock” icon (next to the website address) down to the toolbar and drop it. That way, next time you don’t have to type out the website address – you just click it on the toolbar and Chrome immediately opens that website.

If you’ve never seen this option in Chrome, or you use it regularly but it recently disappeared, here’s how to get it to display again:

Hold down CTRL and Shift, and tap the letter “b” (for Bookmarks). There it is!

You can see on my Bookmarks bar above, I use a lot of folders. If you have several bookmarks that are related in nature, you can put all of them in a folder. When you click the folder, you see all of those related bookmarks and you can click the one you want. Or you can right click on the folder, and open all of those bookmarked websites at the same time, in separate tabs. Lots of options!

To create a folder, just right click on an empty area of the toolbar and choose “Add folder”. Then you can just drag websites into the folder.

Happy bookmarking!

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