404 Windows 10 taskbar any way you like it

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The taskbar is the row that’s usually at the bottom of your Windows 10 computer screen. But it doesn’t have to stay there!

Windows 10 taskbar


This is the taskbar:



Sometimes when I’m on a client’s computer, I’ll see that the taskbar is not at the bottom of the screen – it might be on the left or right edge, or it might be at the top of the screen. When I ask the client if that’s where they prefer it to be, the most common answer is, “No, I don’t like it there, but I don’t know how it got there!” And they don’t know how to move it back to the bottom.

But it’s actually pretty easy. Just find an empty spot on the taskbar, and left-click and hold that left button down, then drag the taskbar to wherever you want it to go. It can be on any one of the 4 edges of the screen. I prefer it to be on the bottom, but it’s whatever your preference is.

If you find that the taskbar is not “draggable”, that probably means it is locked. In an empty area of the task bar, do a RIGHT click, and uncheck “Lock all taskbars” to unlock it and make it moveable.

Then, once you have it where you want it, go back and lock the taskbar again – so it doesn’t end up somewhere you don’t want it to be.

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