405 Three reasons to use an ad blocker

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A lot of people see an ad blocker as just a way to avoid being annoyed by ads on websites. But there are more benefits than just that.

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There are actually THREE benefits to using an ad blocker.

The first benefit is speed. Websites will load more quickly when they don’t have to download all of the ads to your browser, such as Chrome. If you’re looking at a news article, the web page might already have a bunch of text and images to download when you click to view it. If the page also has 20 display ads (which are also images) to download, it will obviously take longer. An ad blocker means all those ads don’t need to download, so you’re seeing the actual content more quickly.

The second benefit is security. Sometimes an ad can be infected – meaning, when that display ad gets downloaded, it can execute malicious software on your computer. And this can happen even on legitimate websites. This is why sometimes you might visit a website and suddenly you see this big alert pop up on your screen telling you that your computer has serious problems and you need to call this 800 number immediately to get it fixed. If you ever see that, it is always a scam. NEVER call that number. But if you have an ad blocker, that infected ad would have never loaded, and you would have never seen that fake alert.

The third benefit is, as mentioned above, simply no ads. Viewing website content is just so much more pleasant when you don’t have all the obnoxious ads surrounding it. Sometimes I get on a client’s computer and they don’t have an ad blocker – and I’m sort of shocked back into what it’s like to use the web and have all those ads all the time. It’s really awful! Get rid of the ads and you’ll enjoy the web much more.

A few notes:

  • The ad blocker I use and have installed on many hundreds of computers is uBlock Origin. It works as an extension in Chrome (or Firefox). It’s very effective and costs nothing.
  • A few websites may come up with an alert to let you know that in order to view their content, you have to disable your ad blocker. If I don’t really NEED to view that site, I just leave. If it’s a site where I actually need to see their content, I just disable the ad blocker for that site (you can turn off the ad blocker on a site-by-site basis, as needed).
  • The website owners might complain about the use of ad blockers, saying, “You’re viewing content that is free – the ads are how we make money!” which is fine, and I understand that. But in terms of security, they cannot guarantee me that an ad is not infected. My computer’s security is much more important than making sure the website owner makes a few pennies by displaying an ad to me when I visit the site. Let the other website visitors (with no ad blockers) take that risk, not me. Or you!

Comments on using an ad blocker? Let me know in the comments section.

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Barbara Church Bak
August 15th, 2022

Just wanted to say thanks for this article, intend to install UBlockOrigin later on today (hope that’s alright with you) the adds are a pain, like that I can unblock the ones I wish to receive because there are some useful things out there, not many, but some.