407 Should you upgrade to Windows 11 yet?

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The official release of Windows 11 was about a year ago. Is it time to upgrade your computer to this new version of Windows?

Windows 11


Maybe, maybe not.

If your current computer is running Windows 7, you should have upgraded to Windows 10 almost 3 years ago. Windows 7 is not supported, and it’s not safe to use. However, a computer running Windows 7 is probably not going to meet the system requirements to run Windows 11.

If you’re currently running Windows 8.1, you’re a rare bird – this was one of Microsoft’s worst operating systems, and most people got rid of it as soon as they could). Windows 8.1 expires next year (2023) so the time is limited on that one. Again, eligibility for Windows 11 is questionable, but you can at least upgrade to Windows 10.

The majority of computer users asking about Windows 11 are those who are currently running Windows 10. And that includes me. Windows 10 is good for another 3 years (October 2025), and it works fine. Even if your computer does meet the system requirements for upgrading, there’s really no valid reason for doing that just yet.

Keep this in mind though – sometime in the next 3 years, you may end up replacing your current computer. If you buy a new computer, it will be running Windows 11. What are the biggest differences? I’ll talk about that next time.

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Norma Rudametkin
September 12th, 2022

See you in 2025 for my upgrade, but of course my service plan is always such a relief! Windows 10 is running perfectly.