413 How to tell if a website is down

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Do you ever go to visit a popular website, and it won’t load? How do you know if the problem is with your computer or your internet connection, or if that site is being blocked by your antivirus, or if the site is actually down?

is it down


Whenever I click to view a website, and it comes up as an error message that the site cannot be found or loaded, I immediately glance down at my internet connection icon (in the lower right corner of the screen) to see if I have lost internet for some reason.

If my internet connection still seems to be okay, I’ll then try connecting to a different website, to see if that works. If the other website loads properly, then I’ll go back and try to load the first one (the website that wouldn’t load originally).

If that original website still doesn’t load, then I will start to suspect that the problem isn’t on my end with my computer – the problem might be with that particular website. And there’s an easy way to check this.

Just go to Down For Everyone or Just Mehttps://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/

The sole purpose of that website is to determine if that site you’re having trouble with is actually down. So you go there, plug in the website address of the site that won’t load, and it will give you a report. It will either tell you that the site is indeed down, or that the site seems to be coming up fine so the problem must be on your end.

It’s a handy tool for narrowing down where the issue is, so you can get it resolved.

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