416 Don’t buy anything from a Facebook ad

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There are several reasons why it might be dangerous to buy products from a Facebook ad.



Scams: Unfortunately, there are many scammers who use Facebook ads to sell fake or low-quality products. It can be difficult to verify the legitimacy of a product or company when you see an ad on Facebook, so you could end up getting scammed or ripped off.

The big trend now is to have an ad that says something like, “We’re so sad, but we have to close. We cannot afford our lease. So we are selling our remaining inventory at a big discount.” I have seen TONS of ads like that. In most cases, what you end up getting will be nothing nearly as nice as the picture in the ad – if you get anything at all.

Security risks: When you click on a Facebook ad, you may be redirected to a website that is not secure. This means that your personal and financial information could be at risk of being stolen by hackers.

Misleading claims: Some Facebook ads may make exaggerated or false claims about the products they are selling. You could end up buying a product that does not live up to its advertised promises.

Lack of consumer protection: When you buy a product from a Facebook ad, you may not have the same level of protection as you would when buying from a reputable retailer. This means that if something goes wrong with the product, you could have a harder time getting a refund or replacement.

Overall, it is generally safer to buy products from reputable retailers rather than from a Facebook ad.

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Bruce Corson
January 16th, 2023

Scott, I also find that you can usually find the exact same thing for cheaper on Amazon or other sources. Nice piece.

Eva Ream
January 18th, 2023

This same thing happens on Instagram. Ask me how I know!!

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