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30-point Computer Tune-up


computer tuneup

Like your car, your computer needs to be tuned up from time to time.  For my clients, I recommend twice each year.

My 30-point Computer Tune-up covers all of the important areas of your Windows computer, including:

tuneup areas

I do the 30-point Computer Tune-up remotely, so it’s fast and easy.  And of course I will advise you if I find any areas of concern.

I recommend doing this every 6 months at a minimum, but there is no contract or obligation.  You can have it done now, and then I will contact you 6 months from now just as a reminder, and you can decide at that time if you’re ready.


Option 1: 1 Tune-up for $75
This is for 1 computer, for 1 Tune-up.



Option 2: 2 Tune-ups for $140 (save $10)
This can be for 1 computer (1 Tune-up now, and another in 6 months) or it can be for 2 computers being tuned up now.



Option 3: 3 Tune-ups for $195 (save $30)
Best value if you have 3 computers to be tuned up now, or you want to get the best volume price.


Note: Computer Tune-up does not include virus removal.

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