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Which web browser is the safest to use?

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For those of you that have read my newsletter for a while, you know that I have been a fan of Firefox for quite a long time – years, in fact.  And for a variety of good reasons – safety, ability to customize, speed, etc.  I remember a few years ago when the 2 […] Read more »

The popular place for spyware now: Google Images

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You probably search Google most commonly for websites that have information that you want or need. However, it has become more and more popular to search Google images as well (particularly if you are look for a picture of something). If you search in Google Images, you are fairly likely to come upon […] Read more »

Awesome Screenshot add-on

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If you create a product and include the word “awesome” in the name, you better make sure your creation lives up to it.  In the case of the Awesome Screenshot add-on for Firefox (or Chrome or Safari), I was not disappointed.

If you ever have a need to show a picture of a web page, this […] Read more »

Zombie cookies – and how to delete them

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Cookies in general are not necessarily a bad thing (just ask Cookie Monster!). Many times, when you visit a website, the site will place a cookie – a small bit of data – on your computer so that it remembers you when you come back. That’s why every time I go back to […] Read more »

Readability: a wonderfully useful add-on

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Thanks to my friend Eileen this week for alerting me to a fantastic add-on for viewing content on the web: Readability.

If you get your news from the internet, you know that it comes with a price.  Not a monetary price necessarily, but an “annoyance” price.  All you want to do is read a particular news […] Read more »

A few handy Firefox tricks


For years, I have preferred to use Firefox as my default web browser (if you haven’t tried it, check it out here. It is reliable, and very customizable. Internet Explorer has made a lot of improvements with version 8, but I still use Firefox most of the time.

If you use Firefox, today I’m going to […] Read more »

Remove website addresses from your Firefox address bar

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There’s something I have noticed about a lot of computer users.  When they want to go to a particular website, they go up to the address bar and start typing, then they just look for the address in the drop-down list of previously visited websites.  One more click, and there’s the site.

But there is often […] Read more »

Speed up your Firefox


Even though Internet Explorer has improved greatly with version 8, I still much prefer Firefox because it is so customizable. However, it can be slow to open sometimes.
Here’s a free program to speed up Firefox – it’s called Speedyfox. Get it here.
All you have to do is download the file, then click to […] Read more »

My current software recommendations


I get asked fairly often about what is the best antivirus program to use, what antispyware program should be used, etc. Today I am going to summarize what my current recommendations are. Keep in mind, these recommendations change from time to time.
Whenever these things do change, I will do another blog […] Read more »

What is a browser?


Do you know what a browser is?
Google sent a guy to Times Square to ask people on the street that question. The answers he got varied widely, but the vast majority of people didn’t know what a browser is.
A browser is a program on your computer that allows you to view websites. Examples […] Read more »