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Featured website: Make your own signs

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By now, you’ve probably come to realize that not everything you see on the internet is what it may first appear to be.  If you read a shocking headline, you need to verify its truthfulness.  The same goes for pictures – it’s easy to create something that isn’t really there.  Now you have the ability […] Read more »

Recommended book: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell


I recently read an incredible book, called Blink. It is by Malcolm Gladwell, and follows his first book, The Tipping Point, which was also a best seller. I have just started reading The Outliers, his third (big thanks to my friend Lyndell for recommending these!). Blink is about the process of thinking without […] Read more »

Featured website: Pandora

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This week, I am featuring a website that I use just about every day.  When I am working at home, I like to listen to music (unless I am tuned into white noise).  I don’t keep a radio at my desk, so the natural source for my musical entertainment is the internet. That’s where […] Read more »

Featured website: Flash Face Creator

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I tried, but just couldn’t come up with a legitimate use for the website I’m offering you today.  Its only redeeming feature is that it is fun to play with, and interesting.  You can choose from a large variety of facial features and make a face.  Maybe you can create someone that you know! […] Read more »

Using your laptop? GET ON THE FLOOR NOW

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Laptops are becoming more and more popular.  And it’s easy to see why – a new laptop computer has all the computing power of a good desktop machine, and it’s portable.  And the netbooks are both cheap AND extremely portable. photo credit: quique_fs However…as I surf various websites (the sites I visit daily, […] Read more »

Who just got arrested?


With the internet, we have more information available at our fingertips than ever before in the history of the world. Some of that is educational, some of it is thought-provoking, and some is entertaining. This week I’ll let you in on a website that is all three. Here in the Tampa Bay area, […] Read more »

Any honest computer repair places?


I do computer repair in Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Oldsmar and Palm Harbor (or you can bring your computer to me from anywhere and I will diagnose it and fix it). I have written before about the Geek Squad. I have had so many people tell me stories about when they went there for […] Read more »

Cutting edge personal computer of 20 years ago


Interesting disclaimer – even at this price, the monitor and mouse are not included.(click image to see full size)

Your front door can have a really cool lock


I think this is a great way to secure your front door. You don’t even need a key now – just your finger. Of course, fingerprint readers are not exactly new technology. But I think a lot of people aren’t aware of it yet. With this type of lock on your front door […] Read more »

Unique screensaver


Your screensaver might show you random pictures from your My Pictures folder – that’s pretty common. The disadvantage to that is you are seeing the same pictures over and over. What if you could see different pictures every time your screensaver kicked in? Random pictures from OTHER people? That is what you […] Read more »